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Cary Grant – one of the greatest movie stars of Hollywood, embodied the image of the perfect man – the witty and courageous hero of American films of 40-50-ies. Winner of Honor “Oscar”, also twice nominated for “Oscar” for his roles in the films “Penny Serenade” and “Only the lonely heart”. Five times nominated for “Golden Globe” for his work in the film “Dear Sir”, “Operation” Petticoat, “” grass is greener “,” That Touch of Mink “,” Charade. ” Also it is known for the films “The Philadelphia Story,” “Arsenic and Old Lace”, “North by Northwest,” “Bringing Up Baby,” “Unforgettable Romance” and others.
Archibald Alexander Leach (real name) was born January 18, 1904 in Bristol UK. He died in 82, in Davenport, the US state of Iowa, in the status of a cult of the romantic hero and one of the greatest actors in Hollywood.
Origin of Cary Grant rather vaguely. He raised the English, for whom the boy was the only surviving child after the death of the previous child. However, biographers do not exclude the possibility that they could, and to adopt a boy. In ten years, Cary Grant had lost his mother – his father sent her to an insane asylum, as the woman was suffering from a mental disorder. However, his son did not say the truth. Up to 31 years Cary Grant thought his mother was dead, until his father did not recognize the truth. Grant’s father soon married again, Cary Grant and pretty soon felt unnecessary. As a teenager, he was left to himself and often was hanging on the streets. The boy hanging around Bristol sidewalks, peeking behind the scenes at the cheap variety show and street theater. Eventually, he joined the troupe of acrobats and wandering with them moved overseas.
Once in America, Cary Grant became gradually act on Broadway. His acting career began with 16 years. The young dark-haired handsome man involved in small productions, toured, performed in a variety show. In 1932, he was in Hollywood. There’s a producer and invented a sonorous pseudonym Archibald Cary Grant (inaccurate anagram of the name of the actor Gary Cooper, which saw its potential rival).
So, in 28 years, Grant made his film debut, appearing in the film “This Night” (1932). Screen career rather quickly fascinated Cary. In 1932 he appeared at once in 7 lines ( “Sinners in the Sun”, “Merrily we roll into hell”, “The Devil and depth”, “Blonde Venus,” “Hot Saturday”, “Madame Butterfly”). A year later came the glory. Cary Grant played the lover known in that time the actress Mae West in the film “She Done Him Wrong” and “I’m no angel” in 1933. The proximity to the star, and glorified himself Cary Grant, making him at least noticeable. And in the light of public attention Grant laid out in full: charming smile, cheeky glance quickly mesmerized the American public.
The peak of his film career came in the 30-40s. Cary Grant appeared mostly in comedies, farces, starring unsurpassed lovers, objects of interest of the protagonist.
In 1940 Cary Grant played one of his most famous roles – the former husband of the heroine in “The Philadelphia Story” with Katharine Hepburn (film won the “Oscar”). In the 1944th year of the very Grant she was nominated for “Oscar” for his role as the son of the owner of the store, who out of love enters the illegal zavarushku to the mother in the film “Only the lonely heart”.
Glory and professional recognition brought Grant cooperation with director Alfred Hitchcock: “Suspicion” (1941), “Notorious” (1946), “To Catch a Thief” (1955), “North by Northwest” (1959).
Cary Grant was married five times. He has a daughter by actress Jennifer Dyan Cannon.

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