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Born 26.10.1962, London, England, United Kingdom.
British actor.
Winner of the «MTV» premium channel (2005).
The beginning of the way
Cary Elwes, full name Ivan Simon Cary Elwes, was born October 26, 1962 in London, the son of Dominic Elvis, the famous portrait painter. Cary was the grandson portrait painter Simon Elvis. Golf school graduation in Harrow in England went to university. Then he moved to the United States, where he studied acting at Sarah Lawrence College in New York.
Film career
Screen career Cary Elwes began with the first big role, which has become the hero Westley in the movie “The Princess Bride” for him. To save his beloved, beautiful bride, brave hero ribbon overcome unthinkable obstacles, hitting a fantasy world of beautiful castles, creepy caves, vast oceans, forests and mountains. In addition to starring Cary Elwes were involved actors: Robin Wright and Chris Sarandon.
Subsequent roles the actor was either in dramatic tapes, as the film “Glory” or the comedy action movie “Hot Shots”. In the latter, he and his heroes confronted Charlie Sheen’s character. Cary Elwes was a great characteristic versatile actor. The best roles Cary Elwes in this period were the characters in the films “Dracula,” “Twister” and “Liar, Liar”.
Cary Elwes continued to work hard in preparation for the subsequent pictures. In the thriller, 2000 “I hope you drop dead!” His partners set steel Plain Hendrix, Christopher Lloyd, Mary Steenburgen and Sally Kirkland. Hero of the film – mediocre insurance agent named Mack – 35 years old, and he was still a virgin. Women showed no interest in it as long as the Mac is not insured his life for 1 million.
“The pursuit of time”
In the same year Cary Elwes was approved by one of the main roles in the thriller “The pursuit of time”. The film takes place in the near future, 2018. In the United States passed a law permitting suicide. Desperate people were selling their lives “for parts”. So did Jim Gabriel, to save dying son from a serious illness …. Actors then with Cary Elwes in partnership starring Eric Roberts, Sarah Uaynter, Chris Sarandon and Diane Venora.
Cary Elwes lit up with Donal Logue and Michael Rapaport in capital starring in 2002 comedy “Villains from comics.” The main characters of the film – Raymond and Norman and his wife Judy were konkurirovshie owners of bookshops. They learned from a local fanatic Conan that in their city lived an old woman, in whose house priceless relic book, and peace of mind to leave them completely …
In 2004, Cary Elwes perfectly fit into the cast: Bruce Greenwood, Sam Jaeger, Sarah Manning thriller “The Riverman”. The actor was very convincing in the role of Ted Bundy.
2005 year
2005 was in the bank actor roles to be extremely popular. In 2005, Cary Elwes starred in several successful films – the thriller “Saw: The game of survival” and the biographical drama “Pope John Paul II». Action of the second pattern starts on the day the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II, the May 13, 1981. Then the action moves to 1938, when Karol Wojtyla – Cary actor Elvis in Wadowice first time acted as an interpreter of poetry. But most of the film held during the pontificate of John Paul II, his influence on matters relating to religion and political changes taking place in the world. Starring: Jon Voight, James Cromwell, Christopher Lee, Ben Gazzara made company Kerry Elvis on the set.
In 2007, no less a response received thriller “Psycho 9,” in which the main roles were invited actors Cary Elwes, Sara Foster and Michael Biehn. The film is narrated about a young girl with an unhappy past, which got a job in a closed hospital …
The parade continued central role. The main role of Dr. Lawrence Gordon them horror movie, 2010 “Saw 3D» became one of the vertices of acting Cary Elwes. His co-stars were Costas Mandylor, Sean Patrick Flanery and Tobin Bell. Victims of the “Saw”, the last survivors of the tests, asked for psychological help to fellow sufferers Bobby Dagen. But when his own dark secrets have emerged into the light, then …. In 2010, Cary Elwes in partnership with Brian Cox starred in the thriller “Good as far as dead.”
Not every actor so often get the chance to play a major role. Thriller, 2011 “Little Killer” told about the discredited police detective who got a chance to be justified. It was the ghost of a beautiful cellist and demanded help find her killer. High and this time was the quality of the game Cary Elwes together with the cast: Josh Lucas, Terrence Howard and Lake Bell.
In the same year, Elvis fans Cary saw it with Liz Burnett in the thriller “The gates of hell.” The film’s protagonist, came to the test in Thailand, together with his family was in a terrible car accident. When he awoke after a deep coma, he found out that he only survived …
Romantic comedy “No Strings Attached” is telling us about how easily men and women engage in sexual intercourse, but it is difficult to achieve at the same time they were emotional intimacy. Starring: Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Kline, and completed the list of lead actors Cary Elwes.
In 2000, Cary Elwes has become a very well-known and highest-paid actor. In 2013, one after another out of his paintings with the participation of “bad behavior”, “A little bit of failure”, “Contact me”.
Cary Elwes excellent actor who achieved good height. While Cary was born in England, but with much success made his career in Hollywood as an actor and producer. The Elvis bribed the fact that he was quite versatile and hardworking actor, who in a short time can play in a variety of projects, including a role in the TV series “The X-Files,” in which he played the deputy chief of the FBI Brad Follmer management.
Cary Elwes not only played a role, but also the voice of them. He took an active part in articulating such films as “Porco Rosso”, “The Magic Sword”, “Hercules”, “Batman Beyond”.
He has been scoring, and the animated film “The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn”, the protagonist of which was a young newspaper reporter Tintin. Because of his profession, he traveled around the world and became an unwitting participant adventurous ….
Personal life
About his personal life Cary Elwes does not like to propagate. His “microcosm” he carefully hides from prying eyes. The actor is married to Lisa Marie Kurbikoff, in their family one child.
Interesting Facts
In 2005, Elvis Cary filed a lawsuit against the producers of the film “Saw: The game of survival.” He claimed that as he was promised a fee of 1% of the total box-office movie, but he received less.

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