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What it is
At that moment, when a person first hears the word “Karpfishing” in his head at once there are many different thoughts and associations. In today’s world almost everyone has more or less familiar with the English language, so once it becomes clear that literally karpfishing – a carp. However, this superficial definition does not disclose all that it represents an exciting experience.
Karpfishing first originated in England, where he immediately appreciated all the charm of catching trophy fish. Gradually, with the development of technology and study the behavior of fish, a lot of tactical and technical nuances, which are widely used at the present time around the world. Karpfishing every year is gaining in popularity and attracts more and more amateurs and professionals.
Why KARPfishing?
In general, the carp is a member of the carp family, which in addition to the carp is still a lot of other fish species. In what exactly KARPfishing? The fact is that we are talking about trophy fishing, in which you can catch specimens very respectable size. In this regard, it is believed that karpfishing is primarily carp, and rarely – white or black carp.
Trophy fishing and its main principle “has caught – let”
However, we must not think that any fishing these species it is karpfishing. This is not so. Karpfishing a whole philosophy of fishing and all to do with the fish. “Caught – – release”, or the English version of «catch & release» one untouchable principle underlies karfishinga. Thoughtlessly and constant catch fish from the pond can lead to disastrous consequences for its ecosystem, and taking into account that this type of fishing allows to catch trophy fish, which sometimes can be attributed to the so-called “uterine” water body population, this problem is more acute way. Plus, if you think about it, we basically do not go fishing for the catch, and to enjoy the process of fishing, so self releasing fish back to their native element adds color to the rest fishing and unity with nature.
Features karpfishing
Therefore, special equipment used in karpfishinge and tackle, special equipment, special tactics and strategy, all aimed at the safety of the fish in the whole of its contact with karpfisherom ranging from resection and before releasing the fish back into the pond. Plus, given the size of the fish and the need for fishing is often a very long range, used special rods for vyvazhivaniya fish and bait for delivery to the place of fishing. About this in future articles. Here we need only say about the fundamental difference karpfishinga from other types of carp (eg, spring or Makukha) – is the use of hair accessories. The main idea of this equipment is that the nozzle (in most cases – Boyle) is fixed not on the hook, and a special “hair” (fishing line station or other material), which extends from the fore-end of the hook. This snap-turns safe to carp, and a hook at the resection pierces only the lower lip, which heals quickly after releasing the fish.
Trophy picture
Required attribute carp – a camera, after being caught is always nice to capture a trophy, gently holding him in his arms on the mat secure that in case of a fall, the fish do not get injured. Picture taken – you can release the fish to continue to live, to gain weight and to please these carp.
Quite a different fishing
So, summing up the above, we conclude that karpfishing – a separate, fascinating and interesting, though very difficult, kind of fishing in which the object of catching a carp, grass carp, the basic principle of catching is the principle of “catch – let go” and fishing is done with special sound “hair” snap.

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