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Caroline Aherne

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British comic actress and writer, known primarily for his roles in acute and acrid Comedy talk show ‘Show Mrs Merton’ (The Mrs Merton Show) and based on true events the sitcom ‘the Royal family’ (The Royle Family), the family of the working class living in Manchester (Manchester), which was on the BBC during 1998-2000. She has appeared on radio and in comic show in the 90-ies of the last century to become one of the most outstanding writers and artists England. Her IQ is estimated at 177 points.
Caroline aherne was born on 24 Dec 1963 in London, in an ordinary family of a railway worker of Irish and cooks of the cafeteria. When she was 2 years old, his parents moved to Witenko, the area of South Manchester (Wythenshawe, Manchester), where Caroline grew up. In the childhood the future actress and her brother suffered from retinal cancer, which left her with partial loss of vision in one eye. As a teenager Ahern possessed a supernatural gift to imitate, successfully portrayed the singer Cilla Black and the actress Marti Caine and somehow won the special prize at the competition at summer camp Butlins. Ahern studied dramatic skills at the University of Liverpool John Moores (Liverpool John Moores University), and then found a job as a Secretary at the BBC with the secret idea of becoming a writer or to conduct investigative journalism.
Ahern began working with his co-author Craig Cash – and this cooperation lasted for many years at the radio station in Stockport, inventing numerous characters for the radio show, which was the country singer Mitzi Goldberg and nun sister Mary Immaculate (Sister Mary Immaculate). Another popular character was Mrs Merton, the journalist leading the advice column, and with the help of Cache and a couple other authors, Dave Gorman and Henry Normal, Mrs. Merton found life, embodied in the most Caroline. Her television debut was as a neighbor in ‘Fantastic Shed Show’ Frank Sidebottom in 1992.
‘Show Mrs Merton’ out on the BBC from 1995 to 1998 and enjoyed resounding success. Surrounded by a real audience of pensioners and the group of ‘Hooky and the Boys’ (in 1994, aherne was married to Peter Hook of ‘New Order’ and even subscribed sometimes known as Caroline Hook, but in 1997 they divorced), actress in the image gray-mannered journalist had guests on his talk show and asked them questions in caustic style of Mrs Merton, which is much more provocative than the usual leading could afford. The popularity of the character brought the program guide to use it is the company ‘British Gas’ in 1999 led to the launch of the spin-off, the Comedy series ‘Mrs. Merton and Malcolm’ (Mrs Merton and Malcolm). In 1995, Caroline aherne won the BAFTA award the British Academy of film and television arts (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts).
Continuing to play the role of Mrs. Merton, aherne appeared in a whole bunch of characters in topped with award-winning sketch show ‘The Fast Show’ from 1994 to 2000. Among them was a weather girl from Spanish TV Paola Fisch, a schoolgirl from Rochdale Janine Carr and sharp-tongued cashier in a supermarket, which is always the most unexpected way commented on the purchases of their customers. Along with Cache and Normal, Caroline worked on the creation of ‘the Royal family’, having received another BAFTA. In the sitcom life working the Manchester family revolved around TV and rarely go beyond the living room, where family members were drinking tea and were coaches of debate.
Its long partnership with the Craig Cache cut off abruptly after a quarrel, when Ahern refused to work on ‘Early Doors’, released in the end, on the BBC in 2003, due to problems with the script. Suffering from depression and the constant intrusion of the press into her personal life, she left the UK (Britain) and went to the Australian Sydney (Sydney). There Jane Ruth (Jane Root) BBC2 persuaded Caroline to take part in the creation of the script to the Australian series ‘Dossa and Joe’ (Dossa and Joe). The series has received praise from critics but low ratings on the air, and Ahern returned to the UK. There she successfully avoids media attention, continuing to appear in the special Christmas editions of the sitcom ‘the Royal family’.

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