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Candice Swanepoel

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Biography Candice Swanepoel
Now well-known and successful model Candice Swanepoel was born in one of the small villages of North Africa October 20, 1988. From the earliest years of Candice she dreamed of a modeling career, but the reality in which she lived, it seemed impossible. It can be said that the life of Candice as a model exclusively developed thanks to a happy occasion.
In 15 years, she accidentally met with Kevin Ellis, a talent agent. Their meeting took place in the city of Durban, in the ordinary flea market. It is not known how and why there has got Kevin. According to one version, he went there on purpose, inspired by the success of the model Georgina Grenville, the former come from these places. In a charming Candice Kevin noticed at once, and saw at a glance that her unusual beauty clearly finds success in the modeling world. Later, recalling the meeting, Ellis admitted that compared with the Woman “beautiful flamingos.” Indeed, a surprisingly graceful and smooth gait of a young beauty, combined with her stunning good looks and charm has been seen in other modeling agents and many fashion brands. Just one year after this memorable meeting Candice began to earn 5 million euros in just one hour of work.
The first agency to which starred Candice Sveynpol, became Tiffany Pryor who has worked in South Africa. Just a few pictures on the proverbial Polaroid, made in the agency and sent to the world of high fashion and beautiful advertising hit the British Select. With this agency worked Helena Christensen and Sienna Miller. Answer by Select came almost immediately: 25 minutes after sending images Candice was invited to London.
To say that young Swanepoel was shocked, then do not say anything. She was incredibly surprised, but despite the embarrassment and such an unexpected turn of events, went to the capital of England. Prior to that, she had never traveled beyond the boundaries of his native country, and, as she admits, remained “in a state of puppy enthusiasm.”
Just a few auditions in New York and London, and career Swanepoel beginning to skyrocket. Due to its perfect appearance Candace received the nickname of “perfection”. Indeed, it is truly angelic appearance: harmonious and beautiful body, deep eyes, long blond hair. Fascinating images, create models, have led many men just dream about it.
During the first year of Candice Swanepoel has achieved amazing results. Her photo was placed on the cover of ELLE and Vogue, she has participated in shows Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Betsey Johnson, Diane Von Furstenberg. In 2007, Candice was invited by the American brand Victoria’s Secret, which work models such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr. Candice can boast that it is the first model in the “angels” of South Africa.
To learn how to arrange her personal life model, very little information. It is known that her boyfriend is in Iraq. The very same Candace lives in New York, likes to dance, shopping and spending time with friends.

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