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Cameron Monahen: biography
Cameron Monahen is a young Hollywood actor. Cameron became the idol of youth after starring Ian Gallager in the TV series “Shameless” (in another translation of “Shameless”) and Jerome Valeski in the TV series “Gotham”. Also, the actor appeared in other popular films: “Academy of Vampires”, “Edge”, “Mentalist”, “Click: With a remote control through life” and “Devoted”.

American actor Cameron Monaghan was born August 16, 1993 in Santa Monica (USA, California). He was raised by his mother. Diana Monahen gave birth to a son for herself when she was 28 years old. Shortly after the birth of her son, she moved to Boca Raton and sent the child to kindergarten because she had to work a lot. Their family lived in a modest home with several cats.

Cameron does not hide the fact that he grew up a restless child. He loved to watch movies – he even learned to read by captions. When the boy admitted that he liked the movie, the mother began to send his photos to the agencies. The future actor at that time was only 3 years old. At the age of 5, Monahan got on the cover of one of the magazines, and two years later he was invited to advertise a children’s toy.

He, like other children, went to school, but only went to school for gifted children. Mother never doubted her son’s talent. After classes, the boy remained in the after-school group, played football.

Diana, despite being busy, spent all her free time and weekends with her son. They went to the theater and the cinema every week. And soon Cameron Monaghan himself began performing on the theatrical stage. The actor remembers how he liked to give out autographs until the hand began to go numb.

In the winter of 2002, at the insistence of his mother, Cameron flew to Los Angeles to audition for the series “Family Business,” but he was not approved. Two weeks later, an agent called him and said that the red-haired, toothless, freckled boy interested producers. So at the age of 9 began the acting biography of Cameron.

A few years Monahanu offered only minor roles, but he got invaluable acting experience. Gradually, the situation changed – the guy began to appear in the series and full-length films. With each role, the teen-actor’s popularity grew. Yes, and he willingly shared with journalists the difficulties and secrets of his inspiration. The tall actor (Cameron’s height 182 cm) quickly began to receive adult roles.

For his role in the TV series “Malcolm in the Spotlight,” Cameron Monaghan received the Young Actor Award. Then there were shooting in the films “Brothers in Arms”, “With Remote Control in Life”, “Diamond Dog” and many others. By the age of 23, he had already starred in almost 40 films and TV shows.

One of his best work was the role of Jena Gallager in the TV series “Shameless.” The plot of the film tells about a dysfunctional family in which the father – an alcoholic and a drug addict – brings up six children. Cameron played the middle brother – a soldier, a gunner, and a gay bipolar disorder, like his mother. As events unfold, it turns out that his real father is his uncle, with whom his mother had a connection under the influence of drugs.

In 2014, the actor secured the title of youth idol and played in the series of popular vampire themes “Academy of vampires: blood sisters.”

The role of Jerome Waleska in the TV series “Gotham” further fueled the interest of the audience to the actor. At first glance, an unknown character, inherited by Cameron, was the forerunner of the Joker, the cult villain of the DC comic-universe. According to the directors of the series, the picture will show the formation of the villain and the transformation of the Joker into a mad clown, as well as the connection of this character with Jerome Valeski.

Personal life
Cameron Monahan is not married. He lives in the same area of ​​Los Angeles as 13 years ago.

In his spare time, the actor goes skiing, snowboarding, boxing, playing drums and guitar.

Because of how reliably the actor played gay, fans began to be constantly interested in the orientation of the artist. Cameron even made a statement on Twitter. The actor wrote that he plays gay, and identifies himself as heterosexual. The actor did not touch on the topic of sexual orientation.

Nevertheless, during the filming of the series “Shameless” in the press regularly appeared rumors about the romantic relationship of Cameron with Noel Fischer, Monaghan’s partner in the shooting.

Periodically Monahan meets with girls. In 2012, he was often seen in the company of Liana Liberato – they appeared together at parties throughout the year.

Then the actor met with the English model Sadie Newman.

For almost two years, the couple hid their relationships, but in the summer of 2015, they began to openly appear together and publish joint photos on Instagram. However, after a stormy summer, a cool autumn followed in their relationship. Cameron Monaghan spent most of his time in Los Angeles, and his girlfriend in New York. Subsequently, Cameron and Sadie officially announced the break.

Shortly thereafter, the paparazzi captured the actor along with Ruby Modine. The couple quickly ceased to hide relationships. Actors appear together at parties and events. Nevertheless, the stars did not officially declare their relationship.

Cameron Monaghan now
In 2016, the actor played a minor role in the drama series “Street of Mercy”, showing the problems of a military hospital during the Civil War.

Also in 2016, Monahan played the role of Jeff in the animation-game comedy Son of Zorn. The film is about an intergalactic warrior hero who lives in an animated world. At the same time, before going into the animation universe, Zorn lived among the people. After ten years of wandering, the hero decides to return to the family. In the real world, a warrior faces everyday problems and realizes that the average daily life and office work can be much harder than constant feats and battles.

In December 2016, the world premiere of the thriller “The Amityville Horror: Awakening” took place, in which Cameron Monaghan played the role of James. The main role in the film was performed by Bella Thorne, who played a girl from a less prosperous family. Bell lives with his single mother, younger sister and brother, who is in a coma. The role of the sick brother was exactly fulfilled by Cameron Monaghan.

The family moves to an old house with a bad reputation in order to save money and pay for the treatment of the young man. The main character notices mystical oddities, and besides, the almost hopeless brother miraculously recovers. This prompts Bell to begin the search for the truth about the mysterious house. In Russia, a horror film was released in early 2017.

The premiere of the drama with elements of the comedy “The Year of an Impressive Man” is scheduled for summer 2017, in which the actor played the role of Ross. For 2018 announced the release of the Canadian drama “Anthem”. Cameron Monaghan will play the role of Luke Hunter. This role is previously declared by directors as the main one.

In addition, the actor is working on three more projects, the exact dates of which the prime minister is not yet known to the press.

Cameron will voice a character named Sergei in the animated film “My Love Affair with Marriage”. Monaghan will also play the role of Andrew Taylor in the thriller “The White Devil”. In the announcement, Cameron is marked as the leading actor and remains the only actor named by the authors of the film. Information about other characters and actors who will play them, in the press and on the web yet.

Another upcoming role of the actor is Cal Forrester in the action movie with elements of the Thriller “Commemoration”. The main star of the film was to be Bruce Willis, but in February 2017, Willis left the project. The fate of filming has not yet been determined.

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