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Camel (Latin Camelus.) – Cute, furry animal, which is also called the “ship of the desert”. Weight adult camel is 500-800 kg.
This wild animals that can not live in areas with humid climates, but prefer the conditions of the desert and dry steppes. As a result, the process of evolution, they have adapted to chew Molo-edible vegetation habitat and do a limited amount of water. Camels can live up to 20 years.
With calloused formations, the camel may lie on the heated ground. Although the animal lives in a dry field, camel floating well, if necessary. Now the camels are considered domesticated animals and are used as pack and Harness for household needs.
Among people widely believed that the humps of camels carrying water, stocking so life-giving moisture for long passages through the deserted expanses. In reality there is fat that animals are used as an energetic material, if necessary.
As with sustenance things are bad, the humps of camels have decreased in volume and hang to one side. The camel can do without water for a long time, losing up to 40% of body weight.
Camels live in harems, so it is easier to travel and take care of the offspring. They have a capricious character and vindictive, especially when it comes to females.
In the wild, during the rut unfold real fighting for the attention and the opportunity to enjoy his harem. Human animals also do not stand on ceremony, and if that does not want to perform, make it very difficult. In response, the camel will roar, kick and even bite.
In ancient times, mainly in Egypt, camels were used during the fighting instead of competition horses. This is justified by the fact that the camel is much tougher horses.
Water supplies stored in camels gastric compartments and consume them as needed. During the time at the watering an animal is able to drink huge amounts of water, and all, whether it is stagnant or running.
Camels are divided into two types:
Dromedar (dromedary) has a slim body and high endurance. It is believed that this animal has never been wild and comes from his fellow two-humped camel. A man uses it as a transport in the vast deserts of the supplier and how people meat, wool and milk.
But, despite the home view, dromedary, and can live in the desert. His long eyelashes protect the eyes from sand, chink-nose closed at the time of the sandstorm, the special structure of the hoof are adapted to walk on hot sand. Dromedary common in North Africa, India and the Middle East.
Bactrian (two-humped camel) – an animal that lived in the wild, domesticated later, but now can be found in herds of Mongolia and Western China. Bactrian camels in the home to use as well as the dromedary.
wild camel humps are pointed and are far away from each other, and here at home baktrianov large humps, as if superimposed on each other. Wild animals roam remote places on a small number of herds on six goals, eat all that will be found.
Camels are born well-developed, able to move at once, following all of the mother. Bactrian camel is less hardy than a dromedary.
By crossing with humped Bactrian camels can obtain offspring, superior in strength and endurance of the parents. The resulting hybrid is called the bunks.

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