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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

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Call of Duty war about the future, devoid of all, for they loved the first Black Ops: colorful characters, interesting plot and memorable levels
Call of Duty continues to climb further in the future. On the calendar already in 2060-ies. The new air defense system made aviation useless. Instead of open conflict are a proxy war with the help of special forces, consisting of cyborgs and robots fighting. One of such units (as part of the CIA) appears as the main Black Ops 3 characters.
Who and what is a war, you begin to understand until the end of the game. Since 2007, all Call of Duty differed extremely tricky subject and wildly visionary (Chechens as Russian nationalists, insidious attack on the Russian special forces makdachechnuyu). In the first Modern Warfare and Black Ops is a first even liked: there were really interesting stories, but to understand them in detail was possible only to the most devoted fans of the game. In other cases, the plot was just a set of mad fantasies needed to somehow justify the shootout on the ruins of the White House and at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.
Black Ops 3 gone furthest. It gave a psychological thriller about the complexity of the relationship between man and artificial intelligence. But the fact that the French developers solved by long ************** (experiences) (Beyond: Two Souls), the Americans in full compliance with this picture is achieved by shooting. You just have to kill all the bad people. And good, too, just in case. And not just people.
After the events of Advanced Warfare was less than ten years, but the locusts swarms of drones somewhere disappeared
The impression that the script wrote kooky teenager on AIDS, supported by localization. Language in the Black Ops 3 rich and imaginative:
“I bumped ass on the fence”
“At stake is your ass”
“Stop poking a finger in the ass”
“That’s how this shit done”
“What you see? – Shit, I’ve seen! ”
“I bet that at the bottom we will find some incredible shit?”
The negative effect is compounded expressionless voices (Russian actors do not seem to have seen the game) and bad sound engineering: the volume of voices relative to the background sounds all the time walking. Especially it looked ridiculous in the interrogation scene: a character screaming at full throat, and her voice was barely audible. The same shortcomings were localization Until Dawn, but at least there can be switched to English. And here such a possibility does not provide.
The campaign is recommended to use during combat parkour, but much good practice, it is of little
The script, in addition to being very poorly explains the situation in the universe of the game, also suffers from apparent contradictions. The new air defense systems such as the aircraft made useless – but the air force in the game is common and even participates in major air battles. Humanoid robots like to get rid of the need to have a live infantry – but infantry of flesh and blood as much as robots, and they are fighting on the same level. Instead of open conflicts like as conducted covert operations special forces – but fighting on the scale similar to a full-fledged war. The most funny thing is that in the 2060’s, in the world of combat robots, trains, magnetic levitation and wireless neurointerface, as cleaners and waiters are still people involved. Even the problem of baldness is not solved one of the most powerful people on the planet shining bald patches Malkovich.
But God bless him, with the plot. The main problem of Black Ops 3 is that it is boring and monotonous shooter. In Call of Duty has always been a bad game mechanics. Enemies clueless, but crushed mass and attack from all sides, every second and grenades flying from nowhere, from teammates almost no sense, nowhere to hide, and can only run and run and run. Usually these disadvantages balanced by the delightfully delusional plot and memorable levels (Chernobyl, Baikonur, an island in the Aral Sea). In the Black Ops 3, none of that, and as a result of the campaign turns into almost a torture.
It is fair to say that developers understand the inferiority of the game mechanics and try to fix it. In the Black Ops 3 appeared upgrades weapons (guns and kit set can be selected before setting) and special skills that are called “kiberyadra”. Among them, defusing robot in the distance, a cloud of microscopic attack drones, acceleration reflexes, masking, and so on. They caught on, however, is bad: the majority of cases solved with the help of conventional weapons.
A truly useful cybernetic capability can be called tactical mode, in which enemies are highlighted, grenades, a point where the rocket hit, and simply dangerous areas. This solves the problems of traditional Call of Duty: barely visible enemies (gray men in gray) and the constant emergence of grenades under their feet (they are now highlighted with a red halo noticeable). And to throw grenades more convenient thanks to the apparent trajectory.
game mode, this time more than ever. In addition to the usual multiplayer and zombie-mode, there is parkour (steeplechase in Mirror’s Edge), the combat simulation in virtual reality (available from the campaign) and “Nightmare” mode. The “nightmare” offer to play again at the story level, but with the participation of not only the common enemy, but also zombies. In multiplayer classes were called “experts”. Each specialist their unique weapons and special-ability – for example, the archer with echolocation or grenade launcher with kinetic armor.
Overall impression of the Black Ops 3 accurately conveys a release video games: it’s a stupid game for unscrupulous people. I passed all the Call of Duty (except console Big Red One), I liked a lot (most of the first Black Ops and the first Modern Warfare), but a dull and weak games in the series had ever seen.

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