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What to see in Cairo
Cairo – Egypt’s bustling capital, here are the most important cultural and historical attractions of the country. It is the third largest city in Africa, the metropolis, which also boasts a wide range of nightclubs, museums, restaurants and shops.
The most famous landmark of Cairo – Pyramids of Giza. Known for their secrecy and mystery, pyramids have long been a symbol of culture, history and heritage of Egypt.
Visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is a pleasant addition to a walk on the pyramids. The museum offers a wide range of artifacts collected over the century-old excavations carried out in the Egyptian capital.
Cairo also religious and political hot point of the country. The center of Cairo is the focus of traditional Islamic and Coptic historical attractions, and modern furnishings modern clubs, restaurants and shops.
The capital is located on the Nile River, and walking on the water felucca – a popular tourist attraction. Small boats can be rented for a small fee and are a great way to sail on the Nile by taking part in the breathtaking wonders of the ancient world.
What to wear in Cairo
Although the weather in Cairo is still relatively warm, visitors arriving in the winter (December to February) should be aware that not all hotels are equipped with heaters. Warm jackets and sleepwear recommended when visiting Cairo during the colder months.
When to come to Cairo
Best time to visit Cairo – winter (December to March). At this time the temperature remains relatively moderate, daily maximum up to 25 ° C. The warm weather at this time of year has to sightseeing. Although there are rains at this time of year, but they are usually not severe and do not interfere with travel.
Cairo Weather
Climate Cairo – desert climate, which remains mostly dry and dry all year round. Hot weather in Cairo means that humidity can be increased periodically, especially in winter (December to February). At this time, rainfall is more likely, and the air temperature can drop to 13 – 19 ° C. The temperature in Cairo in the summer season (May to August) is increased from 45 to 47 ° C.

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