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The squad of BUTTERFLIES (Lepidoptera) or of Lepidoptera. Of all insects the butterflies are the most famous. There is hardly a man that does not would have admired them as well as admire the beautiful colors. No wonder in ancient Rome believed that butterflies occurred from the flowers detached from the plant. All over the world there are fans who collects butterflies with no less passion than the other collectors collect works of art. The beauty of a butterfly in its wings, in their various colors. At the same time the wings are the most important systematic attribute of the: they are covered with scales, from the structure and location of which depends on the strangeness of painting. So butterfly is called Lepidoptera. Scales represent modified hairs. This is easily seen, if you look closely at the scaly covering of the butterflies Apollo (Parnassius apollo). On the edge of the wing are very narrow scales, almost hair closer to the middle they are widened, but the ends are sharp, and finally, closer to the bottom wing sitting wide scales in the form of a flattened, hollow inside the bag, attached to the wing via a thin short stalk. The scales are on the wing in regular rows across the wing: the ends of the scales facing the lateral edge of the wing, and their base covered with imbricate tips of the previous row. The color of the scales depends on which is in the pigment granules; outer surface ribbed. In addition to these pigmented scales, in many species, especially tropical, wings which are iridescent metallic color, there are flakes of a different type optic. In such scales, no pigment, and the characteristic metallic coloration is due to dispersion of white sun beam on the separate coloured rays of the spectrum when it passes through the optical scales. This expansion of the beams is achieved by integrating them in the sculpture of the scales, causing a change of color when the direction in which the rays fall. Of particular interest are smelly, scales, or androconia, occurring predominantly in males of some species of butterflies. This is a modified scales or hairs associated with special glands that produce fragrant secret. Androconia are on different body parts — legs, wings, abdomen. They spread the smell serves as a lure for females, providing, thus, the convergence of the sexes; often he is pleasant, resembling in some cases the aroma of vanilla, mignonette, strawberry, etc., but sometimes it can be unpleasant, for example, like a musty odor. It should be emphasized that for each species of butterflies characteristic and shape, and optical and chemical properties are the wings of scales. In rare cases, the scales on the wings are absent, and then the wings seem to be completely transparent, as is steklyanny.

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