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Burak was born on December 24, 1984. His height is 184 centimeters. The genus of the famous actor comes from the city of Gaziantep, located in Turkey. His father Bulent is an entrepreneur, was the director of his own restaurant, and his mother Ceyhan is a housewife. She also has a sister, Burchin (she is 5 years older than her brother), who is currently married and has given birth to Burak’s niece, Acelya. In his spare time, the actor loves to spend time with his beloved niece.

The actor finished with great success lyceum Kazim Ishmen. He also later entered the university at the Faculty of Fine Arts, at the department of photography, at the University of Marmara, who also successfully graduated. Burak’s career as an actor and model began with an important event in his life. In 2003, he participated in the “Best Model of Turkey” competition, where he was noticed, highlighting his personality as promising. We can say that it became his “door” to the world of show business.

The famous actor received the award in the category “Rising Star”. Further, he signed a contract with the modeling agency Ugurkan Erez Ajans, where he worked as a fashion model. In 2005, Burak again tries to participate in the competition “The Best Model of Turkey” and this time he wins an unconditional victory. This time to take part in the competition was not his personal decision, Burak’s father sent his photo to the competition secretly from his son. In the end, this turned out to be a fateful gift from a caring father who did not lose faith in his son. Burak took second place in the “Best Model of the World” competition.

After such a success, an attractive actor began to receive numerous offers to star in TV shows, films, advertising campaigns, to take part in a defile. As a model, he appeared in projects of such companies as: Network, Tween, Abbate, Faruk Sayaç.

His first acting experience Burak Ozchivit received in the 2006 teenage TV series thriller “Eksi” (-18), where he played the role of the young commissioner Murat. The actor, whose filmography now has dozens of projects, became instantly famous after the very first project, his name began to sound on the lips more and more often. Then in 2007, he took part in the film “Bored”, giving life to a hero named Suat. The next step in Burak’s acting career is the 2007 Kanal D series called “Unwillingly Husband”. He gave life to a character named Omer. The director of the melodrama was Kartal Tibet. In 2008, in the summer months, he took part in the TV series “The Fatherland’s Hearth”, giving life to the hero Guven. The series continued until 2009.

Since 2010, Star started the series “Betrayal” in which Burak played the role of the hero of the Emir. Later in 2010 she will play one of the main roles in the series “Little Secrets”. It was a remake of the world famous TV series Gossip Girl. In the picture, Burak gave life to a hero named Cetin. After this series, even more people learned about him, not only in Turkey, but around the world. The project made the final in 2011. Burak’s colleagues here were the actors who also became famous after this series. For example, Merve Bolugur, Blue Cobal, Birkan Sokullu, Kadir Dogulu.

In the same 2010, he participates in the advertising of the Hobby for Men company. From 2011 to 2013, Burak again takes part in a successful project, after this image Burak Ozchivit became a name that became world famous. This legendary series “The Magnificent Century”. The cast of the project included many well-known actors (Halit Ergench, Nur Fetahoglu, etc.), as well as actors who received a powerful impetus in their careers after this series, for example, Meri Uzerli.

He got the role of a real historical figure – Malkocoglu Baly Bey. In honor of his character, Burak would later call his own doner. The project was produced by Timur Savji, directors – Dural Taylan, Yagmur Taylan, screenwriters – Meral Okay, Yilmaz Shahin.

From 2012 to 2016, he was the face of Clear Men advertising.

In 2013, he voiced the cartoon character of Hassan in the French animated film “Giraffe”. From 2013 to 2014, he gave life to a book character in the film version of the cult work of Turkish literature “The Kinglet – songbird” by Resat Nury Günthekin. The producer was Timur Savji, and the director was Chagan Yrmak. This was the third adaptation of this work. The plot of the series basically departs from the real story, but, of course, the key characters are preserved.

On the set of this project, Burak met his life partner, the beloved Fahriya Evgen. They played Kamran and Feride. Also in the series took part the famous Begum Kutyuk.

From 2013 to 2014, she appeared in commercials for Pepsi drinks.

After a long break in 2014, he is again shot in a full-length movie. This time in the movie “Love is like you.” This time, the beetroot gave life to a fisherman named Ali. He played the main roles together with Fahriye. Also in the film took part Selim Bayraktar, Yavuz Bingol. The premiere took place on January 23, 2015, for the first time gala premiere Fakhriye and Burak came to light as an official couple.

From 2015 to 2017 he played the role of a miner-entrepreneur Kemal Soydere in the TV series “Black Love”. It became the next serial, known for the whole world, in the filmography of the actor. This is proven by the fact that the series won the prestigious Emmy Award.

The leading roles were played by such actors as Neslihan Dogulu-Atagyul, Zerrin Tekkindor, Kaan Urganjioglu, Melissa Pamuk, Burak Sergen, Kurshat Alnyachyk. The series went on the Star TV channel, the director – Hilal Saral.

In 2016, I visited Dubai at the invitation of Emir Mohammed ibn Rashid Al Maktoum. For this trip, the actor received $ 500,000. More than ten thousand people came to the meeting with the actor in one of the shopping and entertainment centers.

In 2016, we filmed “My Brother”, where Burak starred with his friend – famous singer Murat Boz and popular actress Asly Anver. Burak played a hero named Hakan. January 15, the premiere.

In 2017, the sequel “My Brother-2” was released, this time Asly Anver’s place was taken by actress Leyla Ferai.

In 2017 he became the face of advertising a residential complex Emaar Square Mall. He starred in the commercial of the company.

In 2018, together with Kerem Bursin, played a major role in the film “I will give Life”. I tried myself as a military captain Alparslan. His hero is fighting for the national security of his country. Together with them, the actress Ipek Yalova played. The director was Chagatai Tosun. Produced by Timur Savji.

He founded the production company BRKS Productions and made films of his own production: “Love is like you,” “My brother 1-2”, “I will give Life”

Facts about Burak
1) As a child, I liked watching cartoons on TV most of all and dreamed of growing up and becoming a superhero like Batman.
2) Loves to drive a car.
3) is fond of football.
4) Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, playing sports.
5) Hated in childhood to go for hair cutting.
6) The Burak family has been engaged in restaurants where kebabs have been served for several generations in a row. In 2014, the actor opened his doner “Bali Bey”, but after a while the institution had to be closed. The actor said that this was to open a larger institution, but at the moment the new restaurant is still not open.
7) He likes to spend his free time together with his wife watching movies at home or in the cinema hall. They love to walk on Istanbul embankments.
8) Dreams of children.
9) I do not agree that he is glued to the labels of a “sex symbol” or a standard of beauty, but he rather agrees with the concept of a “well-groomed man”, since he spends a lot of time on personal hygiene and care.
10) I always knew about becoming famous as an adult, but did not understand how to do it.
11) Loves to wear Adidas.
12) In adolescence, loved the series “Our” and “Crazy Heart”.
13) Was very modest. Once, at 12, on vacation, he kissed a girl on the cheek and ran away, hiding in the bathroom.
14) Prefers to feel the smell of the ocean on his clothes, therefore he asks to use when washing the air conditioner with the corresponding smell.
15) Very afraid of dentists since childhood.
16) As a child, I begged my parents to start an elephant at home.
17) Believes that a real actor can play any role – and the mafia, and gay, and military.
18) Loves to ride a motorcycle. They prefer to wear helmets on Fahriyah’s head and ride incognito in the city.
19) Doesn’t like cooking at all. “I eat to survive.”
20) Afraid of the dark.

Personal life

Until 2010, met with actress Zeynep Dirtkardshler.

Until 2012, he was in a relationship with a popular participant in the reality show Bashak Ozer. Further, until April 2014, Burak was in a romantic relationship with a socialite, model Ceylan Chapa. They parted and put up so many times, but eventually in 2014 they broke up towards the end of the shooting of Burak in the TV series “The Kinglet – a songbird”, and it is Fahriya Evgen who is blamed for the separation of Burak and Ceylan.

With his wife, the marriage with which the famous actor
He concluded on June 29, 2017, he met on the set of the legendary TV series “The Kinglet – A Singing Bird”, the young people shared in an interview that both felt a spark that had slipped between them even during the shooting. And further interaction on the set of the film “Love is Like You” brought them closer together.

December 24, 2016 Burak celebrated his 32nd birthday, on the same evening he made a marriage proposal to his beloved. The ring was brought on the top of the cake, which was brought into the hall where the celebration was held. The actor stood on one knee, holding a ring box in his hand. For Fahriya, this was a complete surprise, in tears she replied to him. The wedding of this couple has become a significant event in the life of Turkey, young people gathered at their wedding a large number of Turkish celebrities. The celebration was held in a specially rented ancient palace of Sait Halim Pasha on the shores of the Bosphorus.

A couple of times recognized the most beautiful couple of Turkey.

Main awards:
1) 2012 – “Best Actor” according to the magazine GQ
2) 2014 – “The most stylish actor of the year” according to the magazine “Elle”
3) 2015 – “Best Actor” in the opinion of Ayakli Gazete
4) 2017 – The series “Black Love”, where Burak plays the main role, received the prestigious Emmy statuette
5) 2017 – “The Most Discussed Person” according to the GQ magazine

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