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Bugatti Chiron

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Hypercar Bugatti Veyron eleven years ago has set several records among car designed for driving on public roads. A main purpose of the creators of the new coupe named Chiron was to update all records predecessor. And they succeeded!
Read Chiron completely new model can not be – the basis was taken Veyron, although almost all of the nodes and elements have been modernized. For example, a unique vosmilitrovy W16 engine is completely redesigned – it more efficient turbochargers (which, as before, four), a new intake system, a lightweight crankshaft, and many parts are made of titanium and carbon fiber. As a result, output has increased from 1200 hp and 1500 Nm of the previous model Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse to 1500 hp and 1600 Nm.
Transmission with a seven preselektivnoy “robot” and the permanent all-wheel drive has not changed, although the clutch became larger and sturdier. Suspension – with electronically controlled shock absorbers. At the heart of the compartment, as before, is carbon fiber monocoque, but its structure has changed, and for torsional stiffness is comparable with racing prototypes class LMP1: 50 000 Nm / deg! But if the base Veyron curb weighed 1888 kg, the Chiron stout to 1995 kg.
Partly because of the dispersal of up to 100 km / h is the same – to 2.5, although when it comes to such small quantities, no less important role is played by the coefficient of adhesion of tires on the road. But the threshold of 200 km / h takes 6.5 Chiron to – 0.8 with faster Veyron. And the acceleration to 300 km / h in 13.6 sec instead of 16.7 seconds. Maximum speed – 420 km / h, then the Veyron reaches 407 km / h, and the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse – 410 km / h. And to set “maximum speed”, as before, you need a separate key to activate a special high-speed mode in which gidroopory springs reduce ride height to a minimum, open aerodynamic flaps in the front bumper and the rear wing will fall almost horizontally. Without this key, you can dial “only” 380 km / h.
We were family coupe grille shaped like a horseshoe and rollicking on the side of the arc. In the cabin – at least two keys and the screen in the instrument cluster, and the speedometer marked to 500 km / h – just in case.
hypercar Bugatti Chiron Production will start in September. Price is also a record: if the original Veyron worth 1.1 million euros, and the latest version of the Grand Sport Vitesse – nearly two million, the new model will be asked for no less than 2.4 million! Veyron was released in the amount of 450 copies, but the last car buyers found with difficulty, and then only because they are presented as limited spetskomplektatsii. The circulation of the new model – 500 copies, a third of them have already prepaid.

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