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Real name: Marcus Alexander Bagwell;
Also he served as a Christian, Fabian, a handsome stranger;
Nickname: “buff”, “Staff”, “Buff-Daddy”;
Corona techniques: “Buff-Blockbuster” (Blockbuster), Klouzlayn of jump Nekbreyker gallows;
Date of Birth: January 10, 1970;
Hometown: Marietta (Georgia, United States);
Lives: Woodstock (Georgia, United States);
Height: 185 cm;
Weight: 112 kg;
Bagwell was interested in sports since childhood. While in school, he played football and basketball, working in parallel in a boxing training room. He managed to change some work – a carpenter, a massage therapist, and 1990m year started training with Steve Lawler and debuted in North Georgia Wrestling under the name “Great Fabian.” In 1991 he went on increasing, having received an invitation to the Global Wrestling Federation, – in Gimmicks “handsome strangers” – gimmick inspired by the hero of American folklore Lone Ranger. ”
In 1991, Bagwell signed with WCW, where he began performing under his real name. The first few years he acted komnadnom division, teaming with Tom Zenk, 2 Cold Scorpio, Patriot (team “Stars and Stripes”), Scotty Riggs (command “American males”). Total for the time he has won four team titles WCW.
In 1996, the era of nWo and Bagwell gave Riggs, joined the group on 25 November. The nWo, he took his place in midkarde in Vicious and Delicious team with Scott Norton. Buff with him went to Japan in cooperation with NJPW, where he represented the nWo. Upon returning Buff had a feud with Lex Luger, defeated him at Starrcade 1997.
April 22, 1998 at Thunder Bagwell suffered a serious spinal cord injury (in the neck), taking badly by “Bulldog” by Rick Steiner. However, he still won the match, after which he was carried from the ring on a stretcher. After that, for some time he was forced to carry out in a wheelchair with a neck lock. He disappeared for a few months and returned for an interview – only to be attacked by Hulk Hogan and dumped the ramp. July 6 operation was held, after which he returned to the show – in a wheelchair. Bagwell called to the ring Rick Steiner, to forgive him, but instead, Rick found himself once again bit by Scott Steiner. Bagwell confirmed the loyalty of Hogan and the nWo, then rose from his wheelchair and joined in the beating Steiner.
In January 1999, after the unification of incarnations nWo Bagwell and Rick were reconciled for a while, but in the Uncensored Bagwell hit Steiner chair, which led to the loss of the TV Trophies WCW.
In June 1999, Bagwell fully returned and, as they say, it started. The succession feud Bagwell was as swift, and so senseless. To begin with, he joined the feud with Ric Flair and Roddy Piper, claiming that they “squeezed” his push. He spent winning a boxing match against Roddy at Bash at the Beach. In September, he feud against Berlin, but was late for his match at Fall Btawl. The next Nitro Bagwell was a bit of Berlin after the intervention of Jerry “The Wall” Tweetie. Later Buff defeated Curt Hennig in his farewell match, and then feud against the MDC. After spending so much of the year in a feud against the veterans, Buff first joined the group Eric Bischoff “Young Blood”, which has teamed up with Shane Douglas, with whom later won the fifth team championship for himself. He renewed feud with Lex Luger, but lost his Slamboree.
In May 2000, Bagwell landed in two scandals: a racist incident behind the scenes of the show WCW and later for bodily injury. Management of the company was removed from the Buff Team championship and banned him for 30 days.
Upon returning Bagwell again teamed with Douglas, trying to win over Team titles, but was not successful. At Bash at the Beach they had Shane fighting against each other – defeated Douglas. Buff began to feud with Chris Kanyon, who pursued Buff and his mother. This led to the horrible match where Judy Bagwell, mother of Buffy was at ringside for the lift. Buff was lucky in this match. In August 2000, Ric Flair accused Buffy that he is guilty of his pregnant girlfriend story Miss Hancock. At Halloween Havoc was the first match to the blood between the wrestlers. Rick helped Lex Luger to win, but it turned out that Bagwell was not the father, and it was a linden. At Starrcade Bagwell Framed Goldberg during his match against Luger and then he teamed up with his old enemy team Totally Buff. They defeated Goldberg at Sin after a fan decoy chuckled Bill in face paint. At the end of the match, Goldberg left the company. And Bagwell in early 2001 joined the “Magnificent Seven” – grouping Rick Flair, where he spent the time before the closure of WCW.
To the surprise of many, Bagwell was one of those whose contracts were almost immediately overbought WWF. July 1, he already made his debut with Vince McMahon, having a fight at the home show against Booker T. His debut took place the next day, as against Booker – for the WCW Champion. The battle has been completed without result due to the intervention of Steve Austin and Kurt Angle. And next week, arriving on RAW shooting, he learned that he was released from his contract. The reasons for the complaints began his attitude to work, a scuffle with Shane Helms, and feigning injury. Then – as it was the day after his debut – in the WWF office Bagwell called his mother and asked to give him time to rest.
After leaving the WWF Bagwell joined the X Wrestling Federation, brought together many of the stars of the former WCW. He also participated in tours World Wrestling All-Stars, is also oriented towards WCW veterans. In the first round, he reached the semifinals of the tournament for the world championship, and in the next round, held a series of successful battles against Stevie Ray. In 2002, he went back in one round with the WWA, has teamed up with Stevie Ray, having a bad fight against Ernest Miller and Brian Christopher. In the autumn round of Retribution, he participated in the Maine Altered Realities Event team matches together with Sting, Lex Luger, Nathan Jones, and on the PPV, is crowned Tour Bagwell with Johnny Swinger losing to Norman Smiley and Jerry Tuite (under the name Malis).
With the creation of TNA Bagwell lit and there a few times. After one-off appearances in 2002 and 2003., Bagwell returned in the spring of 2006 as a possible partner for Sting at Sacrifice battle. However, his partner began to Samoa Joe. In the autumn of the same year there was a hint of return – there were interviews and a press conference, and a fight with Jeff Jarrett, but this time did not happen. Buff hinted that he would like to return, but his contract was not offered.
Bagwell continues to actively advocate in the indie companies, winning titles there and, in particular, the Champion’s title NWA Mid-Atlantic.
In April 2012, Bagwell was in a serious car accident. He was behind the wheel when he got a heart attack. As a result of the accident he received a severe skull injury. A few days later Bagwell condition has improved, he regained consciousness and began to breathe himself. However, the skull plates were bonded and fixed jaw wired.

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