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Bruce Lee – gonkongksky and American actor, director and screenwriter. It is also a reformer in the field of martial arts. The most famous was because of her roles in “Enter the Dragon” films, “Fist of Fury”, “Big Boss”.
Born November 27, 1940 in San Francisco. The boy was born at a time when his father, actor-comedian Cantonese Chinese opera, and his wife was on tour in the US. Bruce Lee was born in the year and the hour of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar. The birth certificate immediately stood name “Bruce Lee”, but the main its name at first was “Zhang Li Fan,” which means “you go back.” Bruce grew restless child, frequently got into various alterations, and participated in the yard fights. But from an early age the boy and his father began to act in films, making his debut in 1946 in the film “Born to man.” Moreover, Li won the junior championship dance the cha-cha-cha in Hong Kong. A little later, he became seriously get involved in kung fu, what excelled quickly, despite the fact that he was quite frail.
Multiple daily training under the supervision of these artists have done their job, and Bruce mastered martial arts, which was at hand, not only the yard of his life, but a career in film. Guy was gaining popularity and increasingly began to play in action movies, until one day the street is not rebuffed three members of a criminal group “triad” that has put his life in danger. As a result, Bruce’s mother packed up her son and sent him to live in the United States to their friends, because the boy already had American citizenship.
Once established in the United States, Bruce began playing in various television series, showing his skills in martial arts. Gradually he gets more and more fans and even students, among whom were celebrities. At that time, he co-starred in such series as “Iron Side,” “Batman,” “The Green Hornet”, “Blondie” and “Longstreet”. In addition, director and producer Ayr Parker initiated the establishment of a number of commercial educational films for television. Bruce grew in popularity and in Hong Kong. Due to the fact that in Hollywood, he was not given the main role, Lee returned to his homeland, where persuaded the director of a new film studio to remove it in the title role in the movie “Big Boss”, who later was a great success.
One of Lee students in America was a screenwriter Stirling Sillifant. It is thanks to him, Bruce has written a number of scenarios, the first of which was the “Fist of Fury”. In 1972, the picture was released and became a triumph. In his next work, the film “Way of the Dragon” Bruce not only starred but also acted as a director. The shootings were also involved US champions in karate Chuck Norris and Bob Wall. The film was a great success and an impressive box office. But, all of a sudden, July 20, 1973, Bruce Lee died in one of Hong Kong hotels. The official cause of death was recognized as a result of cerebral edema recognized adoption of headache pills. Farewell ceremony held on 25 July 1973 in Hong Kong to friends and fans, which has gathered more than 25 thousand people. Buried actor July 30, 1973 in Seattle.
In 1978 he published the last work of Bruce – the film “Game of Death”, which played many famous martial artists. And in the following years of the life of Bruce Lee it was created about thirty films all over the world, and he received a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

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