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Born 06.04.1936, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
American actor.
Laureth prmii “Silver Bear” (1983).
Laureth prmii Cannes Film Festival (2013).
The beginning of the way
Bruce Dern, full name Bruce Dern McLeish, was born June 4, 1936 in Chicago of the American state of Illinois in the family belonged to the highest society of Illinois. His uncle was a famous poet and playwright Archibald MacLeish, paternal grandfather – a former Utah governor and Secretary of War under President Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt was even godmother of the future actor. Family tradition demanded by Bruce Dern elect Law field, but the young man decided to become an actor and director, what would it it is not worth it. Throughout his life, habits, and energy he conquered that goal. Another alternative Bruce Dern not prilschaet.
Film career
In 1958, Bruce Dern made his Broadway debut in the production of «A Touch of the Poet», and two years later the director Elia Kazan invited him to a small role in the movie “Wild River” in the credits of the young actor, however, was not specified.
The role was small, but sufficient for the actor discovered the great Alfred Hitchcock. In 1964, Hitchcock invited talented actor in the thriller “Marnie”, where his partners were set Tippi Hedren and Sean Connery.
Thanks to his friendship with Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern has appeared in a pair of films Roger Corman’s “The Wild Angels” 1966 and “Trip” in 1967. In 1969 already claimed the actor starred in Sydney Pollack in the acclaimed film “They Shoot Horses”.
Bruce Dern starred with success and on their way to the American television series, but eventually Dern completely away from TV work, deciding to focus still on a full meter.
In 1970, Bruce Dern for the role of Tom Buchanan in the drama “The Great Gatsby” and Captain Bob Hyde in the military film “Homecoming” received a nomination for the “Golden Globe” for a second job, he was even nominated on “Oscar”.
The main range of roles played by Bruce Dern – psychopaths and murderers. Dern – one of the few actors who had to kill on the screen of the beloved John Wayne in the 1972 film “Cowboys.”
Bruce Dern thinking that has enough talent to perform the main roles, flatly refused to participate episodes. About a year the actor was out of work than almost ruined his career. But in the end, Bruce Dern gained recognition and won the National Society of Film Critics in the category “Best Actor” for his role in the movie of Jack Nicholson’s “Next, he said.”
In 1982, Dern was among the candidates antinagrady “Golden Raspberry”, playing a major role in the film “Tattoo”. But a year later the actor suffered a success Berlin Film Festival, where it won the award for best actor, brilliantly embodied the image of George Sitkovskiy in the film “The one championship,” directed by Jason Miller
In the future, Bruce Dern stable and starred in many movies, but its role has not always been bright and large. The exception is the “black” comedy in 1989 Joe Dante “suburb”, where the actor played alongside future, double winner of the award “Oscar” Tom Hanks.
In the late 20th century, Bruce Dern has appeared in a number of new film projects: the biographical drama “The last flight of Amelia Eckhart,” Western “Wild Bill,” the comedy “Down Periscope” and the crime drama “Lone Ranger” with Bruce Willis in the lead role.
2000- years
In 2000, Bruce Dern’s acting career is not nearing sunset, but rather moved to the sunrise on the Olympus.
Bruce Dern received a new role. He appeared on the screen with a different generation of actors – young – with Leelee Sobieski in “The Glass House” with Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci in “Monster,” with Kristen Stewart in the film “The Cake Eaters”, Chris J. Kelly, Haley Bennett. and Nathan Gamble in the film “Gate to 3D». Noticeable were pictures with Hollywood veteran – “Walker Payne”, “Astronaut Farmer”, “The Golden Boys”.
In 2011, the audience went on display a picture of Francis Ford Coppola’s “Between”, where the famous Bruce Dern played Sheriff Bobby LaGrange – one of the central characters in a thriller.
Through discreet appearance and utterly phlegmatic manner of speaking, Bruce Dern in the early days no one saw as the apparent candidate for movie stars. In 2013, another triumph proizshel ageless soul of Bruce Dern. Actor impressed critics by playing a major role in the road movie of Alexander Payne’s “Nebraska”, for the execution of which he was awarded the prize for Best Actor at the 66th Cannes Film Festival.
Directed by Alexander Payne, has recently pointed out his views on “the pursuit of the dream” in the “descendants”, decided to dig deeper family problems, right in the heart of conservative America, where time stood still for a long time at “80”.
His work “Nebraska” – this short but comprehensive sketch of the aging generation, and has a power, life-affirming drama of the father and son togetherness. And the name of the movie, “Nebraska”, had no particular significance other than a geographical place as the story was universal and in some canonical.
As is the case with Jack Nicholson in “About Schmidt,” Payne took over the main role of man who could without words to convey the whole range of emotions and experiences that are capable of his character. Or rather – Bruce Dern, whose star burned brighter than the sun in the 60-70 years of the last century.
His current hero, Woody Grant – a stubborn old boozer, verevshy more in the newspaper nonsense about unrealistic prizes than his own wife. One day, having received a letter of congratulation voucher for a million bucks, Woody decided to go to the city of Lincoln, to get your money. He did not want to hear the arguments of reason, like his, and two adult sons. He decided to get to the goal, whatever was in that, even if we have to overcome the 750 miles on foot in the night and bad weather. The youngest of the sons of David, who saw in it, above all, an opportunity to be a little bit with his father, the old man decided to play along, and went along with it.
“Toolbox Murders 2»
The same 2013 brought a charming actor Bruce Dern role in the Canadian TV series directed by Nishi Ganatry “Christmas Pete” in the film “Garden of Love” film “Toolbox Murders 2”.
The film “The Toolbox Murders 2” (original title – “The child from the grave”), filmed in 2013, American director-debutant Dean Jones, was a sequel to the eponymous horror film in 2003 directed by Tobe Hooper, who, in turn, was a remake of an old picture 1978. Of course, the sequel to the quality left much to be desired, as distinct intrigue in the picture is not in sight, and her whole story was built exclusively around the numerous scenes, professionally, however, captured the operator David Bridges, diverse sadism, is not so much fear and terror as a wild disgust.
Christopher Doyle to the role of sadistic maniac coped perfectly, creating a truly creepy and repulsive image Heroes Bruce Dern (Vance) and Brian Krause (Cole) is also pumped up the crowd.
Bruce Dern was an honorary life-long resident of Hollywood. During his rich artistic career enough of a lot of great roles in such films as beautiful. Began acting at the crossroads of 50-60-ies of the actor and is now in demand, skill and professionalism helps to keep him afloat.
During his half-century career of Bruce Dern he played more than 140 roles in movies and television series. These included pictures of the 2014 film directed by Matt Shekmana “Cut Bank” and the film “Hateful Eight”.
“Hateful Eight”
The creator of the film “Inglourious Basterds” and “Django Unchained,” Quentin Tarantino has completed work on a draft version of a western script with the working title “Hateful Eight”. One of the artists began starring Christoph Waltz, who more than once starred in Tarantino, for which he was twice awarded the “Oscar”. He received an invitation to play in the new draft Tarantino and his hero westerns pozaproshlogodnego Bruce Dern.
Personal life
Bruce Dern has been married three times. Second wife Derna – Actress Diane Ladd. She gave birth to two daughters – Diana, died in infancy from injuries sustained after falling into the pool, and Laura, who went later on a parent’s footsteps. In 1969, the couple separated. The third marriage was more successful – with his wife Andrea and Bruce Dern happy today.
Interesting Facts
Discovered by Alfred Hitchcock, Bruce Dern played for a short time an incredible number of different victims, as well as those who are victims of such raced on television. Even Enotoni Hopkins did not pass it to this type of role.
Some critics said that Bruce Dern could play a major role in the film “The Great Gatsby” is better than it has done Robert Redford.
In 2013, Bruce Dern starred in the road movie of Alexander Payne’s “Nebraska”, for the execution of which was awarded the prize for Best Actor at the 66th Cannes Film Festival.
The total number of works of Bruce Dern – more than 140 roles.
Bruce Dern often honored with various honors. Among his awards: nominated for “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” for participation in the film “Homecoming”, “nominated for Genie Award» – «Madness middle-aged” and “Daredevil Harry Tracy,” the Berlin Film Festival award for her role in the film ” Season of Champions. “

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