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After graduation in 1962, Brion entered the University of San Diego (San Diego State University), where he studied not the faculty of theatrical arts.
Brion James (full name – Brion Howard James) was born on 20.02.1945 in Redlands, California, but spent his entire childhood in the town of Beaumont where his parents Ida May (Ida) Mae) and Jimmy James (Jimmy James) contained a small movie theater. After graduation in 1962, Brion entered the University of San Diego (San Diego State University), where he studied not the faculty of theatrical arts.
After graduation, James and his friend Tim Thomerson enlisted in the army as volunteers and served as cooks at the tank factory in California. Shortly after the end of the service, friends decided to move to New York, where Brion began his acting career, grabbing for any possible roles both in television and in the theater. However, for several years the name of James was not even indicated in the final credits.
Only in 1975, the actor received his first more or less serious role in the TV show ‘Kansas City Massacre’ (Kansas City Massacre), directed by Dan Curtis (Dan Curtis). A year later, he received proposals for roles in the films Nickelodeon and Harry and Walter Go to New York, which the actor gladly accepted. In the late 70’s, Brion took part in filming such TV series as ‘Gunsmoke from the trunk’ (Gunsmoke), ‘Incredible Hulk’ (Incredible Hulk), ‘Mork & Mindy’ (MI & Mindy) and ‘California Road Patrol’ (CHiPs ).
By the 80th year, his career had risen, which was attributed to the role in the film Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, box office which exceeded the $ 30 million mark, which at that time was considered an unprecedented indicator; In the film James played the role of Leon Kowalski (Leon Kowalski).
After phenomenal success at the box office, the actor began to receive more and more proposals for filming in serials and films, the most famous of which were ‘A-Team’, ‘Final Decision’, ‘Flesh + Blood’ (Flesh + Blood), as well as ‘Tango and Cash’ (Tango & Cash).
In the 1990s, the actor was still popular and participated in the filming of the series ‘Highlander’ and the episode of the series ‘Millennium’, in which he played the role of Sheriff Bowman. In 1994, Brion played in the film ‘Radioland Murders’, directed by an Englishman Mel Smith (Mel Smith).
The next most notable actor acted in 1997 in the cult film “Fifth Element” (Fifth Element), in which James played the role of General Munro (General Munro), which was very similar to the role in ‘Blade Runner’.
In one of his interviews with ‘Fangoria’ magazine, the actor said: ‘I consider myself to be a classical actor like Lon Chaney Jr. and Wallace Beery. I like playing bad guys, I literally intuitively feel their behavior and character. ” However, not all critics agreed with the opinion of Brion himself.
His last movie was released after his death – it was a fantastic film ‘Phoenix Point’, which, however, did not enjoy great success among the audience.
Bryon James died at the age of 54 in Malibu, California (Malibu, California). The official cause of death was myocardial infarction. After his death, four films were released, in which the actor took part. A few years before the death of the actor, the book ‘Brion James; Interview by Craig Edwards’, consisting of the actor’s arguments about his life and acting career.

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