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Sex symbol of France
Why in childhood Brigitte Bardot had a complex about their appearance? Thanks to Brigitte began to act in films? What film brought the actress notoriety? Why no marriage Bardot was not successful? What elements of appearance and clothing came into fashion with a light hand of the actress? It caught my attention Brigitte poet and musician Serge Gainsbourg? How did the lives of the actress after film career? What political views adheres to Bardot, and that it has repeatedly tried?
Childhood and adolescence
Brigitte Bardot was born on 28 September 1934 in Paris. The widespread belief that her real name is Camille Javal is incorrect. Rod Bardo comes from the Lorraine region, birthplace of her father – a prominent businessman. The mother was a housewife and was engaged in education Brigitte and her younger sister Marie-Jeanne.
When Brigitte was very young, the whole family went to the restaurant. To their table approached the Gypsy, and said that soon the name Bardo glorified all over the world. The father thought that this would be something to do with his business. He had no idea that twenty years later his daughter will be the sex symbol of Europe.
However, in childhood, Brigitte did not consider herself a beauty. She had a squint, malocclusion, such as a raised lip, and other defects in appearance. But she was proud of her perfect figure with ideal forms. Parents were delighted with her plastique and grace and determined daughter in ballet school. And in 1947, in spite of rigid selection, Brigitte entered the National Academy of dance. Here she spent three years studying in the class of Russian choreographer Boris Knyazev.
It was hard not to notice such beauty. In 1949, Bardot has already shot for the magazine ‘Jardin des Modes’, and a year later appeared on the cover of fashion magazines ‘ELLE’. When I first saw film Director Roger Vadim – a descendant of Russian immigrants. He fell madly in love with me and decided to help her make a film career. Roger showed photos of the girl to another Director Brand Allegra, who invited her to audition. Despite the fact that Bardot successfully passed the audition, the movie was never filmed. However, familiarity with Roger Vadim changed her life forever.
The star of European cinema
Brigitte was only 16 years old when she spun a whirlwind romance with Roger Vadim. Her first love, she committed many foolish actions, among them several suicide attempts. The parents did not approve of the choice of his daughter, but at 18 she is still married to Vadim. And in 1952, she made film debut Bardot in the film ‘the Norman hole’. The actress took 4 years and 17 films to play the role of a lifetime. And this role was created for her by Roger Vadim.
The directorial debut of Vadim’s ‘And God created woman’ (1956), in which Bardot played a wild eighteen year old Juliette Hardy, became a sensation and was condemned by the Catholic Church for excessive frankness. Nevertheless, it is a scene in which a Nude Brigitte dancing on the table, brought her unprecedented popularity. I think that this movie was a harbinger of the sexual revolution of the 60-ies, the main characters which are musicians John Lennon, Bob Dylan, the band ‘The Who’ – adored actress and dedicated to her own songs.
The film made Roger and Brigitte celebrities, but destroyed their marriage. On set, the actress has an affair with the actor Jean-Louis Trintignant. However, their relationship did not last long. Jean-Louis was drafted into the army, and Bardo ran to the singer Gilbert BECO. A year later she broke up with him, but now it was a necessary measure – Brigitte became pregnant by the actor Jacques Charrier. They married, and in 1960 was born the son of Nicolas.
With Jacques Charrier, the actress met on the set of the film ‘Babette goes to war’ (1959). This work not only proved that Bardo has the acting talent, but also styled hair ‘Babette’, modeled after her character. And after the wedding Brigitte came in a lush plaid dress, all women began to dress in the cage.
According to the actress, she didn’t like Jacques, but to be alone with a child in her arms she was scared. However, the marriage soon broke up, and son Nicolas, she was placed in the care of her husband’s parents. In 1966, Bardo met a German millionaire Gunter Sachs. They married, but lived together for only three years. The reason for the breakup was another affair with Brigitte…
A new passion for the actress has become a singer free love, the musician and poet Serge Gainsbourg. They were together only a few months, but their romance became one of the most delightful in the life of Brigitte. Gunter couldn’t believe that she could fall in love with Gainsbourg, whose unattractiveness was called Quasimodo. However, his charisma and talent won the actress. Together they recorded the song ‘Je t’aime… moi non plus’, which was never presented to the public. Executed in the late Gainsbourg in duet with Jane Birkin, this song has got immense popularity and still remains the anthem of all lovers.
In the career of Brigitte Bardot had a lot of interesting roles, but none of them could surpass the role of the rebellious girls Juliette in the film ‘And God created woman’. In 1966, the actress starred in the Hollywood film ‘Dear Brigitte’. Two years later, the screens out another film ‘dream factory’ ‘Shalako’ (1968), where Bardot was played by Sean Connery. Despite the great popularity in America, Brigitte did not become a full-fledged Hollywood star.
Recent years
In 1973, Brigitte Bardot announced the completion of a film career, but unlike Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo that the second half of life spent in seclusion, not out of sight of the public. The actress has dedicated his life to fighting for animal welfare and now resides at his Villa in Saint-Tropez with a couple of hundred Pets.
Love for animals has become for me a passion, bordering on madness. Her statements and actions put into confusion the whole world community. She condemned hunting deer in Canada, called to abandon the use of horse meat, and in 1999 wrote an angry letter to the President of China, in which he accused the Chinese of killing the last tigers and rhinos to create aphrodisiacs. On his 75th birthday, Bardot said Sophia Loren, the best gift for her would be if she refuse to wear fur.
Gained notoriety and nationalistic statements of the actress. It is known that her late husband Bernard d Ormal – once was an adviser to right-wing party ‘front national’. However, all the questions of the journalists Brigitte replied that apolitical and is not a member of any party.
However, Bardot was convicted five times for ‘inciting racial hatred’. She constantly criticizes the government for the ‘Islamization of France’, which, in its view, includes the dissemination of the culture and lifestyle of Muslims in the country, which leads to a gradual destruction of the French. In 2008, one of the last processes, the Prosecutor stated that she was tired of charging the actress because of racial hatred.
Whatever the views were not from Brigitte Bardot, she is still a talented actress and one of the most beautiful women in the world. Even in his 80 years Bardot looks amazing. And about her statement that best answered the biographer Marie-Dominique Llevr. He said, Bardo does not give definitions. In many ways, it is still only a carefree self-centered child.

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