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Briard – long-haired shepherd dog, which is considered the birthplace of France. All exhibitions at the Briard working class. This breed is considered to be a shepherd. A distinctive feature, like all other French shepherds, is the presence on its hind legs of double dewclaws. The appearance of the Briard can be called a little unkempt. The growth of adult dogs from 56 to 68 cm. There are individuals of black, gray and fawn. Wool is similar to a goat, a little stiff. As a true Frenchman, briar stands noble posture, harmony of movements and gait plastic.
The first mention of the breed can be found in the literature of the 12th century. Ancestors briar – plain dog living in the suburbs of Paris. The term “briarskaya Shepherd” was first mentioned in the early 19th century. This phrase was called a dog with long hair. Officially registered breed in 1885. After 12 years at the club briar were first defined standards.
Conventionally distinguish two kinds of rocks. The first group includes dogs that resemble wool sheep, it could be characterized as soft and curly. The second group – Shepherd with goat fur on the type more hard and rough. More common are considered representatives of the latter type, so they have been fixed in the FCI standard, adopted in 1988.
Outside Briard
Modern operating standard was adopted in 2009. Today, the state is controlled by breed clubs, available in many states. In their homeland briards virtually the most common Shepherd, they take on the number of second place, losing the first German watchdog. In recent years, representatives of the breed are widely used to search for people, cover an avalanche or missing. Moreover, this activity briards proved to be a good side.
Initially the breed was conducted cupping his ears. This procedure was necessary because of the “shepherd” dog service. After all, protecting the flock they could be vulnerable to the attack of wild beasts, with the result that the latter could easily catch them for hanging ears. However, after the adoption of “green” laws in many member states of the European Union, cupping his ears is prohibited.
Briards different activity and curiosity. They have high intelligence and good memory. Originally used as shepherds, today this breed dogs make great companions. Sure, and what would be a good briar watchman as instincts are preserved in the modern representative of the breed.
To strangers dog shows restraint can show independence. In some situations, different briar obstinacy and sometimes unfriendly and fearful. However, it occurs infrequently like. Owners of animals of this breed mark their sensitivity and tact. While respecting the owner will receive a briar in response loyalty and dedication. On undeserved punishment dog demonstrates a strong offense.
For representatives of this breed do not apply strict parenting methods. Only positive training methods will bring the owners of the desired result. Incidentally, in Sweden briards most popular breed for training. This Shepherds need to get daily exercise, entertainment and intellectual stimulation. They are ideal for people who prefer an active lifestyle. Well get on dogs in families with children. Moreover, briards consider it their duty to preserve and protect the small owners. From the good shepherd representatives of this breed into a great babysitter.
Care and Maintenance
Briard on progulkeFrantsuzskie Shepherds need lots of attention and care. They are to old age have high mobility and activity. In this regard, in order to maintain good physical shape dogs need daily long walks. Part time outdoors Briard is preferably carried out without a leash, to plenty tired with running and exercise.
To the dog look good, you will need to do a professional grooming through each 2-2,5 months. In addition, support is needed daily grooming. If the dog owner does not plan to stand, the hair may be shorter, making it easier care. With proper supervision, briar shed minimal or no fades.
Bathing is necessary at least once a month. If you carry out this procedure more often, then you may experience problems such as skin dryness and irritation. Before you start swimming, you need to comb your shepherd. For water treatment is better to use a special liquid shampoo. After washing is recommended once again to comb wool.
Special care needs briar undercoat, soft and delicate, it is very easy to tangle. I am sure that there did not appear mats. If they do occur, they need to be carefully removed. In addition, we should not forget about the dog’s eyes. These parts often accumulates dirt that needs to be clean.
It wanted to get rid of excessive hair on paws and ears. Briards love to swim and are often able to get into the pond themselves. If you rarely wash wool dog, it becomes greasy and smelly. Therefore, regular bathing essential. Owners of dogs of this breed should know that during the life of the dog can be changed color. Usually, puppies are born dark and then lighten. The final coat color is set to 3 years.
Training briar requires perseverance and firmness. In no case can not give a dog conflicting instructions. Also avoid learning methods associated with all types of violence.
The most common diseases that afflict Briard:
Dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints,
Night blindness,
Any health problems briar immediately reflected on the state of the wool. Therefore, in the case where it is silky and shiny – was absolutely healthy. If the hair has become faded, it performs strongly, in the body of briar have any problems. The risk of diseases, especially those related to digestion, increases in the summer. Usually this is due to overfeeding. Because of the heat reduced physical activity, respectively, and calorie consumption. In this regard, it is recommended to limit summer diet, reduce the amount of protein.
Another problem that faced by owners of briar in spring and summer – parasites. Due to the thickness of their wool it is not so easy to spot right away. Therefore, you should periodically inspect the dog with a view to their prevention.
French Shepherd will be a reliable and loyal friend, provided careful attention to it and the proper care. Briard is of high intelligence, so it will not blindly follow all the teams, but it’s great to train. A dog of this breed is different cheerful disposition, loves children and is a unique guard. In Russia briards it is not as popular as many other Shepherd, but more owners appreciate all the advantages and dedication to the representatives of the breed.

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