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Brian Cox – Scottish actor, winner of the Excellent Order of the British Empire, nominee Actors Guild, “Amy” and “Golden Globe”. Best known for his role as Nelson Guggenheim director of the school in the comedy drama Wes Anderson’s “Rushmore”, Colonel William Stryker in a fantastic action movie Bryan Singer’s “X2”, Mycenaean king Agamemnon in the adventure peplum Wolfgang Petersen’s “Troy,” as well as serial killer Hannibal Lecter in the thriller Michael Mann’s “Manhunter.”
Brian Cox was born on June 1, 1946 in Dundee in a working class family, becoming the youngest of five children. The parents brought them in accordance with the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. Ancestors of Bryan moved to Scotland from Ireland. His mother Mary Ann McCann worked at the jute mill spinners. As a child Cox has happened several serious nervous breakdowns. His father, Charles McArdle Campbell Cox first worked as a butcher, and later the owner of his own shop. He died when his son was barely eight years old. The main concern for the upbringing of the boy fell on the shoulders of his four older sisters. By the age of fourteen, Brian became a member of the City Repertory Theatre, and then entered the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. In 1966, the aspiring actor joined the troupe of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, where he received the role of Peer Gynt directed by the play by Henrik Ibsen, and then Orlando in the early comedies of William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.”
Cox’s debut on the television screen took place in 1965 in the series “Games on Wednesday.” His next work was telepostanovke Michael Elliott «The Year of the Sex Olympics» (1968). In 1978, Brian has appeared in the guise of King Henry II in a dramatic historical project of Alan Cook «The Devil’s Crown». 1971 brought the actor participated in the biographical drama Franklin J. Schaffner “Nicholas and Alexandra”. Cox became the hero of Leon Trotsky. The first full-length film in the filmography of Brian was awarded two awards “Oscar”. In 1986 he was invited to the role of serial killer Hannibal Lecter in Michael Mann’s thriller “Manhunter.” Curiously, the actor Anthony Hopkins both played King Lear at the National Theatre, and five years later, Cox played the same role on the same stage, while Hopkins appeared in the form of Lecter in Jonathan Demme’s thriller “Silence of the Lambs.” Both actors used the services of a recruitment agent role.
The most notable work of Cox’s long been villains images. For example, successful was the role of William Stryker in the fantastic superhero action movie Bryan Singer’s “X2,” King Agamemnon in the epic film of Wolfgang Petersen’s “Troy,” the ghost of King Pariah Dark in the animated TV series Butch Thriller “Danny Phantom” Lyman Earl Collier in thriller Andrew Davis’ “Chain reaction” and Deputy CIA Director Ward Abbott several tapes about a former agent and a professional assassin Jason Bourne. Among the most notable positive characters Cox listed the father of the hero of Edward Norton in the crime drama Spike Lee’s “25th Hour,” Captain O’Hagan in the detective comedy Jay Chandrashekhar “Supercop” Rachel McAdams heroine’s father in Wes Craven’s thriller “Red Eye,” and Munn also the father of Daphne, one of the main characters of David Angell sitcom “Frasier.” We should also mention projects such bright actor, as a thriller David Fincher’s “Zodiac,” by Robert Schwentke action comedy “RED” and the dramatic thriller Ralph Fiennes ‘Coriolanus’.

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