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The group “Breaking Benjamin” was formed by vocalist Benjamin Burnley and drummer Jeremy Nummela in the town of Wilk-Barre, Pennsylvania, in 1998. In 1999, the band changed its name to shorter but, as a result of changes in the composition of the group in 2001 he returned to the former. Then the group was joined by Aaron Fink and mark Klepaski, left the band Lifer.
It was there, the band began their first performances, one of which had a chance to see the local DJ specializing in alternative rock radio station “WBSX-FM” on behalf of Freddie Fabbi, which included the work of the group “Polyamorous” in the playlist of his program, and later financed the recording of our first EP “Breaking Benjamin”.
In 2001, “Breaking Benjamin” sign a contract with the record label “Hollywood Records” and in Alliance with producer / engineer Ulrich about the wild (Powerman 5000, Stabbing Westard, White Zombie, Static-X, Pantera, Slipknot, etc.) begin work on their debut album, “Saturate”, the release of which was held in August 2002.
The second album “We Are Not Alone” released two years later. In recording took part famous Billy Corgan, last, head of a successful alternative team “Smashing Pumpkins”. Soon after, the band “Breaking Benjamin” went on tour together with “Evanescence”. The song “So Cold” played a significant role in the album, “We Are Not Alone”, fans of the band liked it so much this track that the band could not release an EP/single on “So Cold”, which she did. In the same year he published the EP “So Cold EP”, which only raised the rating of the group.
At the same time, the band writes the soundtrack to the computer game Halo. This song is “Blow Me Away”, as well as the early work of the team of “Lady Bug”, was included in the “So Cold EP”.
In addition, the song “So Cold” and “Follow Me” was made Amateur clips (for Half-Life 2 to the first and second Torque movie songs) that brought the band unprecedented popularity and has increased the number of her fans.
In September 2004, the group takes the drummer Jeremy Hammell, soon replaced by a child of Szeliga.
Later, on 28 Sep 2005, Jeremy Hammell goes to the Federal court, which he was preparing against, Breaking Benjamin, due to the fact that he has not received money for the written songs. For this he wanted $ 8 million, but 25 Oct 2006, the court rejected his claim.
In 2006, the band released its third album, “Phobia” and begins to get to the top of the charts.
In the summer of that year the band released as the first single from the new album – “The Diary of Jane”. The single entered the top 10 songs in the category of modern rock on the Billboard charts for 2007.
Later, in the spring of 2007 they released the single – Breath.
In the autumn of the same year published the third and last single from the album – Until The End. The single, unlike the previous two, came without a clip, and Breath, failed to beat the success of “Diary of Jane”.
In February 2007, the group’s performance at Stabler Arena was recorded and went on sale on DVD under the title Live – The Homecoming, the total duration of 1 hour. This is the first Breaking Benjamin concert officially released on DVD.
In June 2008 Breaking Benjamin started to record 4 albums. Producer was David Bendeth, he was the producer of the last two albums, We Are Not Alone and Phobia.
In September 2009, they released their new album “Dear Agony”, containing 11 tracks. From the first day of release, the album cheers was adopted by the fans.
On 14 July, the band confirmed that their new album has 11 tracks, and that one of them – “What Lies Beneath”. July 28, David Bendeth confirmed that the first single called “I Will Not Bow” will be translirovatsya radio August 17, and will be available in the iTunes store September 1 (however, the song sounded on the 12 th). And 4 Aug, on myspace page the band announced the title of their fourth album “Dear Agony”, and that it will go on sale September 29.
The name of the group has received in connection with the incident when Burnley, singing a song of Nirvana, dropped the microphone on the ground. The man raised the microphone said: “Thanks to Benjamin for breaking my fucking mic”.

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