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Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt) – American actor and producer. Winner of the prize “Golden Globe” and the four-time nominee for “Oscar” award. It is known for a variety of films, including “Fight Club,” “Snatch”, “Seven”, “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Meet Joe Black”.

Born December 18, 1963 in Oklahoma. The name given to him at birth – William Bradley Pitt. His father worked as a manager in the company’s freight, and his mother was a teacher at the school, with parents Pitt were very religious. Childhood of the future actor was held in Missouri, where the family moved in connection with his father’s work. While studying in school, young Brad grew quite versatile. He is interested in sports, music, and was in the debate club. After high school, he took to study journalism and advertising at the University of Missouri, but dropped it, not finish my studies and went to Los Angeles, where he changed his name to William more catchy – Brad. He also undertook to attend acting classes and got a job working at a restaurant greeter dressed as a huge chicken. Later, he managed to work trucksIce strippers in a limousine and a loader refrigerators. But soon after he was lucky to get the role in the television series “Dallas”.
Over time acting career began to gain momentum, Pitt has become increasingly perform small roles in various television series and movies. Thus, in 1988 for the first time Brad got the main role in the drama “The Dark Side of the Sun”. But the most popular of his person gave (albeit minor) role in the highly successful movie “Thelma and Louise.” At the same time came a few less notable paintings with his participation, such as “Johnny Suede,” “parallel world”, and a little later – the more successful “California” and “True Love,” filmed by Tony Scott. And in 1994 and did Brad Pitt becomes happy, then leave such tapes as “Legends of the Fall” and a key role in that also played Anthony Hopkins, and “Interview with the Vampire”, which became a partner for Tom Cruise. The following year, Brad Pitt has been nominated for “Oscar” and received the “Golden Globe” for his role in “Twelve Monkeys”, the main role which played Bruce Willis. Next picture – the thriller “Seven” – has also been well received by critics and consolidate the success. During one of her subsequent roles in the film “Seven Years in Tibet,” the Chinese government announced that it is now Pitt has no right to enter China, in connection with the separation of the views of revolutionary Tibetans. But the popularity of Brad Pitt kept growing, including through such highly successful films as “The Devil’s Own,” “Meet Joe Black,” “Fight Club” and “Snatch”. When they fade even a few other great paintings: “The Mexican,” “Spy Game” and “Ocean’s Eleven.” In 2004, on the screens out the blockbuster “Troy” and “Ocean’s Twelve” and in 2005 on the set of the adventure comedy “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” tied relationship between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, transfered into a successful union. Before Brad was five years married to another actress (Jennifer Aniston), but the couple divorced in 2005 year. Among recent notable roles Pitt may be noted films like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Inglourious Basterds,” “Tree of Life” and “The man who changed everything.”

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