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Bosozoku motorcycle

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Bosozoku is a Japanese subculture. It was founded in 1972 in Japan, and was originally called “Kaminaridzoku,” which in Japanese literally means “clans of thunder” 雷 族. Initially, it was a group in which they saw former criminals, and the modern name appeared during a report about a biker fight, thanks to the random merging of the Japanese words “bo: s” – race, and “zoku” – family, clan. Nowadays, the culture of bosozoku has changed, now these are common road hooligans, who operate within the laws of Japan. According to researcher Ikui Sato, adherents of bosozoku perceive life as a theatrical scene. In his words: “The street was their” scene “, the route -” scenario “, and the” costumes “were” tokkofuku “

Tokofuku, the Japanese military uniform of the Second World War, was one of the main attributes of bosozoku equipment. On the back must be inscriptions in kanji (Chinese characters used in Japan along with other alphabets of hieroglyphs – katakana, hirogana, etc.) with belonging to one or another gang. The most common gangs were Specter (Ghost) and Black Emperor (Black Emperor). The latter were the most aggressive gangsters, and wore on their tokofuku Nazi swastika. Also common symbols on tokofuku were the hinomaru species of the times of the Japanese Empire (the flag of Japan is the sun with red rays) and the chrysanthemum is a sign of extreme right-wing political views. The rest of the bosozoku did not show political affiliation.

Bosozoku was so unruly and scandalous that in the end the government of Japan had to create special correctional facilities in order to curb them. The current bosozoku – adult bikers, all of whose activities are within the law. It is believed that the decline of the subculture was provided by the police, which created a rigid system of punishment for violations typical of bosozoku. for example, the Japanese traffic police made it difficult for minors to get a driver’s license and buy motorcycles. Due to the struggle with bosozoku, and in many ways the riotous lifestyle of themselves, many adolescents found themselves in juvenile colonies and through them came even closer to the criminal world. Passion for theatrical effects, hooliganism, condemnation from the media and society have created a steady negative and scandalous reputation for bosozoku.

Notable for bosozoku, in addition to aggressive driving and criminal past, its unique tuning of motorcycles and equipment. Style and subculture bosozoku is divided into five different directions, not similar to each other. Each style has its own name, the external differences are huge, so a little more about each style.

The earliest and most classic style of bosozoku – its feature lies in the extremely lowered suspension. Literally, the term Shakotan translates as “extreme clearance”, it appeared thanks to the release of the manga “Shakotan Boggie” in which the main characters rode a tuned car. Subsequently, they began to underestimate motorcycles, installing on them the same tuning as on cars. Tsurikawa will be a mandatory attribute for the sykotan – a ring that shows how much the bike is understated. When driving, it must scrape on asphalt, making a distinctive sound, and if there are sparks, it is generally perfect. Also tuning wheels are attached – disproportionately large wheels, lengthening the bonnet and wings.

From March 1, 1986 to August 6, 1996, a popular manga comic called “Shakotan Boogie” was published in Japan, about two brothers who drove extremely low machines. The car of one of the main characters was the Toyota Soarer Z10, a very popular car among bosozoku.

Proceeding from the name, this subspecies of bosozoku focused on the external style of “aloha”, and more simply, on the style of Hawaiian shirts and shorts. Fashion originated from the beginning of the 70-80s of the last century in Osaka. Here you can see the most “rip-eye” coloring motorcycles and equipment. The main color scheme will be a trio of ginger-white-yellow. For cars are also required lining wheel arches. For equipment, an important element will be white pants 70-80s of the last century. In pop culture there is a cool anime “Cool Teacher Onizuka” in which the main character in the past was the head of the clan bosozoku, and continues to drive around on his bike and in everyday life.

VIP style
VIP-style is a more modern representation of bosozoku. In Japanese, it is also called Bippu – a cross between the style of shakotan and ordinary gangster cars and motorcycles. The difference is that for the VIP style they use more expensive and modern means of transportation, whereas for the sailors the use of cars and motorcycles of 70-90s is typical.

As the legend says, the style was created specifically to avert the suspicions of the police, because retro cars and motorcycles were changed to more modern ones. Style is more typical for cars. It is worth noting that the VIP style has another branch called the Executive Car. And if the VIP is characterized by the use of disks with a radius of more than 10 inches and negative camber, then the Executive has a less aggressive tuning: a stylish body kit, expensive wheels with a radius of 1-2 more than due, a slightly underestimated suspension.

Takahiro Taketomi – one of the founders of the VIP movement in Japan, the owner of the company Junction Produce, which produces parts and accessories for tuning in the style of VIP

Kyusha style
Kyusha style translates literally as “classic Japanese car.” After the tightening of Japanese legislation, this style is preferred by most of the adherents of bosozoku in order to divert attention from themselves, not to show adherence to criminal groups. In this style there is no extremely bright colors, low landing and extreme collapse. The style appeared in the mid-80s, and the main attributes for it will be:
necessarily Japanese brand of transport
transport must be “old”
all tuning within the law

Grachan or Garuchan
In Japan, the 70-80s was a series of racing cars Grand Championship, and the name of the style “gratyan” is a reduction just from such cars. These are the brightest and expressive cars. Tuning them just crazy – sometimes tuning is difficult to consider the original model. Tons of plastic, wide body, low landing, bright colors of the whole spectrum – all of these are “grats”. The main goal of tuning in this style is to make your transport as similar as possible to racing cars from the Grand Championship. The main meeting place for the adherents of bosozoku was the Fuji Speedway track, where the main news from the world of the automotive industry was discussed, and, as the saying goes, “show yourself and see others”, draw additional ideas for updating your tuning. As a rule, there are no clear boundaries between styles, that’s why all of them are called “cars in bosozoku style”, but this is not always true – some simply stylize their vehicles as bosozoku, and some still belong to gangs.

Bosozoku sounds
To date, a remarkable part of bosozoku is a kind of music. The Japanese are ready for all sorts of inventions, and they invented something like a Versus. Two motorcycles are fighting in a musical fight. How? This helps extreme motorcycle tuning and ideology bosozoku. Since this is a hooligan and criminal gang in the past, it was therefore necessary for everyone to hear it – that bosozoku are on the road. Accordingly, large exhaust pipes were installed on motorcycles, there were no silencers, and motorcycles on the road simply roared uncontrollably. But due to the tightening of Japanese laws, it became prohibited on the road. But how then to express yourself, to show everyone that you are a bully? Very simple. You can simply create your own rhythm on your motorcycle. The technology is simple – the rhythmic opening of the throttle alternating with the squeezing of the clutch and the motorcycle is a good musical instrument. For such a sound you need to install a flat throttle carburetor on your bike. Clearly, you can see and hear it on the video above.

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