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Bosozoku cars

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Bosozoku (Jap. 暴走族, “aggressive racing clan”) is a semi-criminal subculture of bikers, numbering more than 42,5 thousand people in 2009. Bosozoku is one of the most famous subcultures of Japan. They appeared as a subculture consisting of criminal groups of reckless motorcyclists, and soon a part of bosozoku switched to cars. One of the most remarkable features of the bosozoku subculture is the tuning of their motorcycles and cars. Bosozoku includes five tuning directions:
-Yanky style
-VIP style
-Kyusha style

This term appeared after the release of the manga “Shakotan Boogie”. Literally, Shakotan translates as “minimum clearance.”
The installation of an oil cooler, overlays on the arches, Tsurikawa (more on this below) is acceptable, it all depends on the taste of the owner.

Yankee is based on the colors of aloha clothes (Hawaiian shirts) – red, yellow, white. These shades are used in the coloring. Also an integral part of the Yankees are lining the wheel arches.


VIP style (pronounced VIP, not Wi-Pi) or Bippu (Japanese pronunciation) is between Shakotan and gang cars. It also achieves a low fit, but it’s more expensive than a bosozoku style. In addition, as a rule, new cars are used in VIPs, and old ones are used in BOSO from the 70s to the early 90s.
These crazy projects are called BosoVIP:

Bosozoku is not exactly the correct name for the style. Boso is a motorcycle gang. Therefore, people prefer the name kyusha-kai, so as not to ascribe themselves to different groups. Literally, the term translates as Japanese old classic car, i.e. he describes a modified Japanese car from Moldova (which does not have to be very low and bright).

Grachan (or grauchan)
Parking at the Fuji Speedway was very popular for meeting bosozoku. On it, they discussed the latest events from the world of motor racing and exchanged experiences on how to customize cars. Exact copies of vaidbodi from racing wheelbarrows are installed on the cars in this style. Rarely of course, but in the cabin there is a safety cage.

Bosozoku includes all the above styles. On the basis of Kyusha are created unique cars, low landing in Shakotan, wide lining on the arch in Yanky-style, body styles and coloring of Granchan, loud exhaust pipes like a motorcycle. All this combines, creating an incredible and noticeable style inherent exclusively in Japanese culture.

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