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Border Collie

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No wonder there is a perception that the border collie is designed for movement. More energetic playful dog is hard to find. She is ready to spend the whole day in games and active sessions with the owner or other animals. Those who choose a representative of this breed should be remembered that quiet measured life was not for her.
History of breed
The breed is bred on the border of Scotland and England. For the first time, these Shepherds were registered in 1915. Although it is believed that the ancestors of the Border Collie are mentioned in the testimonies of the 16th century.
Initially, representatives of the breed used as herding dogs. Today, the border collie often give birth to a normal companion and family friend. However, the leadership of the dog inclinations, which is used to manage and protect the flock of sheep flock of wild animals of this species Shepherd remained. In Russia, the breed has not received much popularity, but still it can be found in some homes, where she is the darling of the family.
1906 breed border collie important that opened the International Society of Shepherd lovers. Before him was the goal to maintain a working breed that is unique in nature. The main emphasis in the breeding has been on the quality of working dogs.
English club accepted standard for the breed in the 70s of the 20th century. There is an opinion that it is written off from real dogs. In the description of the principal place is still given to the working qualities of the breed, which must be retained in the offspring.
Border Collie is proportioned. This is a strong and sturdy dog with short or medium length hair. The dense undercoat protects the breed from the weather. The hallmark of the Border Collie is the same length of muzzle and forehead. The color of these dogs found different. The most common finds dark and dark-tan. It meets and brindle, dog handlers who called tricolor.
The only condition prescribed in standards should not dominate the white color coat. Although white spots on the face, forehead, neck and feet are permitted. Long tail low set, the tip slightly raised. In motion the whole tail is slightly raised, however, it may be no higher than the back line. Height Border Collie is in the range 47-53 cm, weight up to 20 kg. The average life expectancy of 12-14 years.
Character and Temperament
Energetic and demanding dogs always have to be “in business”. And, no matter what they’re doing – they engaged in herding sheep or participate in sports. In any case, under the guidance of the human members of this breed only show excellent results. If the dog is bored, she becomes nervous and irritable, quite possibly destructive behavior.
The owner of the Border Collie can not wait for the dog itself entertained. Lessons will have to come up with an animal host. Representatives of this breed is very people oriented. They need to socialize at an early age. Collie mature late. In 2-3 years they can still demonstrate puppy behavior and mischief.
This breed is highly intelligent. To teach her simple commands is very simple, even an inexperienced owner. Dog needs and professional training. Border Collie comfortable with the children. But the strong bullying themselves, they will not be tolerated. But with teenagers they quickly become friends.
Appearance Border Collie
To outsiders are suspect. However, if there is no real danger to the owner or members of his family, then do not show aggression. Dogs of this breed peacefully coexist with other pets.
care Features
Border Collie excellent health is different. It is very hardy dog, which easily adapts to any living conditions. Border Collie is recommended for owners of country houses. The apartment representatives of the breed can be kept under the condition of daily long-term physical activity.
Among the most common diseases of the breed:
Eye Diseases
Congenital deafness,
Hip dysplasia,
Osteochondritis dissecans.
Before you buy a puppy, the future owner should ask the medical card of his parents. Often this breed meets the eye anomaly, which otherwise are called “Collie eye”.
The coat border collie need regular brushing, at least 2-3 times a week, so that the dog had a neat appearance. If necessary, sheared fur on the paws and tail. Bathe Border Collie too often is not recommended. Usually enough 2-4 times a year or when very dirty. After the walk, if the dog lives in the house, enough to wipe her paws.
Basic care that is required of the breed – exercise. Apportirovka, jogging, pulling things – one of the most preferred dog training. The perfect warm-up can consist in catching the ball or plate. Doing these exercises can be close to the water body in which the dog is happy to swim. Regardless of the weather, border collie needs a two-hour walk.
Menu Border Collie is not much different from what is typical for other species. Initially, the owner will have to choose to be included in the diet of dry food or natural food. To say that it is difficult to better, because in fact, and in another there are pluses and minuses. However, it should be noted that natural is not recommended to mix with dry food. In the Spring and Autumn period to include in the menu set of special dog vitamins.
In addition to physical exertion dog needs and intellectual classes. Despite the high intelligence of the dog, training it’s not as simple as it seems. These animals are very smart, but not the fact that they would send his mind to run commands. With the right approach, in addition to the standard commands, a Border Collie can learn any interesting tricks. But this will require a lot of effort from the host and a lot of sweets. Newcomers better to turn to an experienced trainer, who can recommend the best exercises for the development of various skills.
The owner of the border collie is necessary to monitor the state of the eyes and the claws of your pet. Recently we cut with the growth. From the corners of his eyes with a cotton swab gently remove dust and dirt flock here.
Thus, the main thing for a dog – movement. On the one hand, it needs to communicate with the person, but not so much that it has replaced her exercise. The choleric temperament and irrepressible energy representative of this breed makes an excellent companion for active people. They easily adapt to new conditions, perfectly transfer the road and drive. In this connection, the border collie, whenever possible make the company on the trip.
The representatives of the breed often give excellent results in sports competitions. These dogs are champions in agility, outdoor games of the type “frisbee”. They are currently used as bloodhounds or rescuers. Herding instincts are also highly developed. But in most cases, the Border Collie – it is simply charming and mischievous pet.

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