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Biography Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman) is an American author, singer, writer, poet and artist. He was born in Duluth, Minnesota. Shortly after his birth, Robert’s family moved to Hibbing, where he spent his high school years. Like most peers, Robert in those years, was fond of rock-n-roll, but after admission to the University of Minneapolis he became interested in folk music. A little later, Robert began his musical career performing his own songs with acoustic guitar and harmonica. In 1959, he abandoned his studies at the University, took the name Bob Dylan (in honor of his favorite poet Dylan Thomas) and moved to new York. Their best work Dylan wrote in the sixties, focusing on the theme of protection of civil rights. The first album Dylan was released by Columbia. It was Bob Dylan (1962), The Freewheelin` Bob Dylan (1963) and distinguished The Times They Are A-Changin (1964). The young musician quickly became one of the most prominent figures in the movement to protect civil rights. In 1965, Bob Dylan suddenly moved away from folk towards rock, amply testified to a concert in Newport, where he acted with the support of the Blues ensemble The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. The lyrics of the songs Dylan has gradually replaced the political motives on the philosophical questions of existence. Studio and live performances of Dylan of that time laid the conceptual foundations of rock and had a huge influence on the work of many different artists.
It’s fair to say that Dylan expanded the boundaries of rock music and opened new opportunities for her. His poetry has allowed many famous musicians to take a new look at their art. Acquainted with the poems of Dylan, they realized that the lyrics of their songs can be not only dedicated to the theme of love and their personal experiences, but also many other issues. By the mid-sixties Bob Dylan was already considered one of the most influential personalities in the new youth subculture. His albums Highway 61 Revisted (1965) and Blonde On Blonde (1966) was a great success, and their songs entered the repertoire of many famous artists of the time. These recordings were made using electric tools that had to taste not all fans of Bob. In June 1966, Dylan almost died on his motorcycle near the house. Confined to bed with multiple fractures and partial paralysis, he was forced to leave in the shade. His comeback was in 1968 with the album John Wesley Harding, which took first place in the British hit parade and second in the us. The next album Nashville Skyline was born in 1969 and were also very successful. In 1971, Bob Dylan published a novel “tarantula”, written under the influence of Kerouac. He also played in “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid”. This picture is not earned fame, but one of its musical themes, the song Dylan Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door has an international reputation, thanks to which came to light many cover versions.
In the seventies, Dylan has released a controversial public albums Blood On The Tracks (1975) and Slow Train Coming (1979). The latter carried the Christian subtext, and not all admirers of Dylan was delighted with his new role as a preacher. His albums recorded in the eighties and nineties, the received different assessment. Not all of them had the commercial success or were interesting musically, but there were records that deserved praise and recognition, for example Infields (1983), Empire Burlesque (1984), or Knocked At Loaded (1986). In 1988, Dylan took part in a very successful project Wilburis Traveling with Tom petty, George Harrison, Jeff Lynn, and Roy Orbis. In the nineties, Dylan saves his Studio activities, concentrating on the so-called “endless tour”, which began in 1988, but was not officially completed. But the singer still pleasing his fans with album: Love And Theft 2001 and the compilation The Essential Bob Dylan, released in 2002, and Modern Times 2006. In April 2008 Bob Dylan received a Pulitzer prize “For outstanding impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of exceptional poetic power.” 2009 saw the release of two LPS artist: Together Through Life and Christmas In The Heart. Bob Dylan is considered one of the most influential cultural figures of the twentieth century. In 2010, the release of a powerful collection of The Original Mono Recordings, which presents the songs of Dylan in the original mono format. Definitely a vintage sounding songs, has long become a classic that will be enjoyed by all fans of the musician: the album The Original Mono Recordings for many will open up new facets of creativity Dylan.

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