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The boar or wild boar – very popularly known animal that is the ancestor of all domestic pigs. It occurs almost throughout the territory of the Eurasian continent, in the harsh conditions of the Siberian taiga, and in the tropical forests of Sulawesi, Java and other countries. Previously inhabited by wild boars and in North Africa, but hunting wild boar was carried out so intensively that are currently in the area are destroyed.
There are more than 25 subspecies of wild pigs, different sizes, colors and proportions. If you take the cross, the wild boar – an animal with a body length of about 150 cm, height at withers 100 cm and weighing from 60 to 150 kg. The head of the beast large, wedge-shaped, resting on a massive neck. Crowned her long and wide ears, small eyes and a powerful snout to snout (snout photo below) .Moschnoe wedge-shaped snout kabanaTakoe body structure is ideal for digging soil than wild boar and engaged all the time. The entire body is covered with stiff bristles, whose color varies from light brown to almost chernoy.Kaban in the forest
Meet the wild boar as you can in the dense forests, and in the wilderness. Conscious animals at various times of the day depending on the season: in the summer they are active at night, and in the winter – in the afternoon.
Rest wild pigs in the reed and scrub, which enjoy a true nest of rags, moss and reed stems. From here they go out in search of food, and it should be noted, eat almost everything they can reach. Among the favorite treats include:
• The rhizomes and tubers of plants that boar digs its powerful snout;
• Nuts, seeds and berries – have become dominant in the diet at the end of the summer;
• bark and rags – most commonly eaten in the winter in the absence of other feed;
• Animal feed – worms, frogs, snakes, rodents, carrion, and any other small zhivnost.Sled from kobyta kabanaOkolo 2/3 of all food produces wild boar with his snout, literally perepahivaya soil and the forest floor. One day an adult animal can eat up to 6 kg of feed.
The courtship period, boars account for the period from November to January. At this time, adult males looking for females with piglets Group, driving the latter. Between the bulls unfold fierce battle in which opponents can cause each other very serious damage. By the end of the mating season, they lose weight up to 20% in the winter .Kaban lesuSvinya nurturing offspring an average of 130 days, litter occurs in March-May. For female piglets boar builds a nest with soft bedding and thick walls, and covers the top branches and dry grass. In one litter is usually 4-6 piglets, and old females often bring in 2 times more young than the young. Pig with porosyatamiPervuyu week they do not leave the nest, and the female comes every few hours to feed them. Then the pigs begin to walk with his mother, with the danger of rushing into the loose, hiding in the grass and brushwood, aided by their striped coloring. Sexually mature young female woodcocks are under the age of 2 years, and males only at five major vozraste.Malenkie kabanyata planomGlavnym enemy boar is wolf, especially in winters, as well as tigers, bears and leopards. Mainly affected pigs and piglets to attack bulls rarely known even cases with fatal outcome for the predator.

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