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2000 BMW Z8 is an attempt to create a successor to the legendary BMW 507 1955, the year established by count Albrecht Hertzog and is considered one of the most beautiful cars in history – the first post-war sports model.
Successor primarily ideological, as after completion of production machine has not received heir “straight”. From 1956 to 1959 it was built only 252 of these cars. This genealogy of lightweight sports cars BMW stopped before 1987, when there was a BMW Z1.
The work of designer Henrik Fiskers pays tribute to heritage of this sports car, not groveling before him, and under a beautiful covering from aluminum and carbon fiber panels hidden spatial aluminum frame, not less complicated than the suspension of many modern racing cars. Quick-detachable aluminum roof, as the back panel in open option, are executed at the same time with the rear wings and the “trunk” (actually the trunk lid itself is not). In the transformation of the body from coupe to Roadster the rear of the car is replaced completely. Sophisticated and accurate in the best German traditions of the instrument combined with a decent new Millennium, electronics and chetyrehsotletnem V8 engine with variable valve timing.
After 40 years, the Bavarians have again appeared a desire not only to just powerful but also stylish things. Corporate style designers now BMW is perceived as replicated in machines of the 3rd, 5th and 7th series of repetitive lines. Between these machines differ only in size. Therefore, the creation of such an original car, like the 2000 BMW Z8, is a kind of rehabilitation of the design centre of BMW in the eyes of the connoisseurs of not only power and technical perfection but also beautiful forms.
A combination of classical elegance of Z8, its speed, handling, and modern technology helps to create a modern legend.
I must say that the idea of a remake of the machines of the fifties and sixties turned out to be a win-win, and has attracted General interest. At the end of the century, humanity is increasingly looking back. The events of mid-century had largely defined the modern mindset and General state of society. It is not surprising that designers are more willing to turn to the images of those years. Over the past 4 years we have already witnessed the “reincarnations” in the face of the concept cars once popular Renault Fiftie and Mini Cooper. And were reborn Volkswagen Beetle and all reached the conveyor. Well-known manufacturers of household appliances stylize kettles, radios and refrigerators under the first of the series of James bond. Similar trends are observed in the clothing and furniture. The reason is clear – nostalgia. And if you have something to remember and even more to be proud of, why not help to reminisce and be proud of?
Also the 2000 BMW Z8 is perceived as rethought decades later, model 507. Their relationship deliberately emphasize the wide nostrils air intakes, sleek lines of the wings, the small angle of inclination of the windshield, wheels with Central nut and even lighting the rear license plate. Already restored in models Z3, MRoadster and MCoupe, “gills” on the front
the wings are also inherited from 507. The BMW Z8, they are perfectly combined with narrow optics of repeaters of indexes of turn. And steering wheel with spring spokes returns us to the era of the 30’s But the BMW Z8 is not simply modern remake of the concrete car.
Yes, for most ordinary people – it’s just a dream. But is it worth it to deny yourself even in dreams, even for a second imagine yourself behind the wheel of this car.

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