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Blueberries – juicy berry, not only pleases the rich taste and enriches our body with useful substances, but also helps with many diseases
Blueberries – low bushes ribbed stems and small pale-green leaves of the heather family. In May, in the axils of the upper leaves of the plant appear single flowers with reddish urceolate whisk. By mid-summer, it is time to gather berries bilberry, which, despite the name, not kipelno black, and with a bluish tint. This shade is formed by a thin waxy coating plenochki: berries contain a small amount of essential oils.
Bilberry grows in light of coniferous and deciduous forests, on rocky meadows, peat bogs in temperate and boreal regions of Europe, Asia and North America. “Tame” wild berries has not yet been any gardener in the world. And if the raspberries and strawberries have long been bred in backyards, over the blueberry is traditionally sent to the bosom of nature. However, breeders do not leave their attempts, and perhaps in the near future “savage” will take its place among the garden berries.
Bluish-black fruit blueberry size of 6-8 millimeters from the inside of a saturated purple color, which is able to permanently color the hands and mouths of juicy berry lovers. Do not give up treats and wild birds – blackbirds, capercaillie, black grouse, wood pigeons, than contribute to the spread of blueberry seed and increase the range of its habitat.
At the height of blueberry season, most of us prefer to eat wild berries fresh – just so you can get everything it contains nutrients and to fully enjoy the sweet and sour taste. In winter, the collected fruits can be harvested using a heat treatment, and drying them in the sun or in ovens. It is especially good for making blueberry jam, jam, marmalade. There are recipes for blueberry juice – it is very useful during the cold season as an excellent source of vitamins and minerals needed by the body.
100 g of blueberries contains on average about 57 kcal.
Useful properties of blueberries
Bilberry fruit rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and tannins, which causes their high efficiency with conjunctivitis, decrease in visual acuity and dark adaptation eye deterioration. In addition a series of experiments showed that blueberry consumption can prevent or cure some eye diseases, such as retinal detachment. But since these observations is not based on the results of medical research, so blueberries in the treatment of such diseases prescribed only in the complex therapy.
In folk medicine, a decoction of blueberries is considered an effective remedy for chronic diarrhea, gastrointestinal disorders, inflammatory processes in the mouth, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, chronic rheumatism. It is used as a lotion for the treatment of eczema, burns and ulcers. Fresh berries used in the treatment of scurvy. Some authors claim that a decoction of the leaves Bilberry has hypotonic effect on people with high blood pressure.
When the primary forms of diabetes a positive impact on the course of the disease has neomirtillin contained in the leaves and young shoots of the plant. This substance has a hypoglycemic effect – the ability to lower blood glucose levels.
In Bulgaria, from blueberries are preparing the infusion of alcohol – brandy, which take for pain in the stomach.
It is not recommended to use fresh berries and juice of blueberries with a form of urolithiasis – oksalaturii. Also known rare cases of idiosyncrasy – intolerance to substances in blueberries, manifesting allergic reactions.
Blueberries should not be abused, as in large quantities it causes constipation.

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