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Blair Witch

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If You are looking for a film that is truly scary to watch, you made the right choice. Thriller “the Blair Witch: a New Chapter” has already managed to surprise the audience. The events of the film tell us about James Donahue, whose sister went missing 20 years ago in the forest located near the town of Burkitsville. The guy finds the video, was found by local residents in the forest of the black hills, where he had gone Heather. What he saw convinces James that she could still be alive, so he equips a kind of expedition, trying to persuade to go with him friends Peter and Ashley. Then called them to go Lisa is a student, planning to turn the quest into a documentary for his thesis. When company comes to Burkitsville, they are greeted lane and Waist – a couple who found the video. Together they go into the woods, where you have to stay the night in one of the clearings. After breaking camp, the heroes begin to discuss how real stories about the witch from Blair, who is credited with all the local incidents. Waking up in the morning, young people get scared, remembering yesterday’s campfire talks around their camp in the trees, hang strange figures. But it soon becomes clear that this is the work of lane and Waist. Friends chased them away and decide to continue the journey of four. The characters do not realize what will soon turn around their campaign.
Starring: James Allen Mccune, Callie Hernandez, Corbin Reid, Brandon Scott, Wes Robinson, Velori Kerry
Director: Adam Wingard

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