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Birthday: 21.11.1965 year
Place of Birth: Reykjavik, UK
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Height: 163 cm
Original name: Bjork Gudmundsdottir
Endless experiments
Most of his life Icelandic singer Bjork dedicated to creating experimental music, not part of any standard classification. Its stunning, expressive voice is simply impossible to forget. In addition to musical activities Bjork actively acted in films. For his role in the film ‘Dancer in the Dark’ singer was awarded the main prize of the Cannes Film Festival.
Early years
Gvyudmyundsdouttir Bjork was born in Reykjavik, November 21, 1965. Her parents were hippies and adhered to the free outlook on life. They are not fond of excessive discipline and strict upbringing, so the girl grew up in an atmosphere of permissiveness. Such idle-free life again Björk liked, but he grew up, she began to hate her.
The passion for music began to emerge from Björk from early childhood. My mother gave it to a music school where she studied singing, piano and flute. One day one of the teachers sent to a radio station recording compositions by the young singer. After hearing her beautiful voice, the representatives of the production company offered Bjork a solo album, and she agreed.
The debut album ‘Björk’ (1977) included 10 songs, most of which were cover versions of popular hits and folk songs. One instrumental track was written by the singer. In Iceland, the album became the ‘platinum’, and Bjork, barely 11 years old, has been recognized as the most promising talent.
In 14 years Bjork has collected punk band ‘Spit and Snot’, and then the jazz band ‘Exodus’. In 1983, her new project ‘Tappi tíkarrass’ released ‘Miranda’ album. All of the early groups, in which the singer appeared, playing all kinds of music, which was connected with the search for his own style.
Musical career
In 1986, along with Touro Eldonom and Einar Benediktsson Ernom Björk organized ‘The Sugarcubes’ group. They played alternative rock and even gained some popularity in the United States and the United Kingdom. In parallel, the singer was engaged in solo career. Her album ‘Gling-Gló’ was enthusiastically received by both the audience and critics alike.
The band members had different ambitions, so we decided to separate in order to avoid conflict and remain friends. In 1992, Björk moved to London and began working with renowned producer Nellie Hooper. With him the singer has created his first hit ‘Human Behaviour’, and soon recorded a solo album ‘Debut’ (1993).
In 1995 there was a new ‘Post’ solo album, which had even greater popularity than ‘Debut’. In the UK charts he rose to second place, while the US has become a ‘platinum’. These albums, and similar in sound and content, Bjork called duet.
Turning to the Icelandic singer’s creative work was the album ‘Homogenic’ (1997), which was created in collaboration with Japanese accordionist Yasuhiro Kobayashi. It differs from previous studies and conceptual daring experiments. The album is very emotional and stressful, which is associated with a single event in the life of Bjork. In 1996, the insane fan filmed production of bombs for the singer and sent it by mail. Only thanks to the rapid reaction police bomb managed to find and neutralize. Under the influence of the incident and was recorded ‘Homogenic’.
In 2001 came a completely different album – calm and peaceful ‘Vespertine’. It contains the choir, chamber orchestra and new electronics. According to Bjork, in contrast to the hot and emotional ‘Homogenic’, ‘Vespertine’ is very quiet and is a harmony between body and soul.
In this experiment, the music did not end there. So, after a purely vocal disc ‘Medúlla’ (2004), does not contain any extra sounds, the singer returned to electronic music and released the album ‘Volta’ (2007). April 1, 2007 Björk embarked on a world tour in support of the album, which was completed in six months in the Spanish town of El Ejido. This tour was the biggest in the singer’s career, gathering millions of fans around the world. In 2011, Björk released the latest today ‘Biophilia’ album.
Björk first appeared on screen in the acclaimed documentary film ‘Rock in Reykjavik’ (1982). Part of picture creators dedicated group ‘Tappi tíkarrass’, which played Icelandic singer. Many years later she made her debut in feature films – she played a minor role in the film ‘High Fashion’ (1994) directed by Robert Altman. She is so fascinated acting, that she decided to leave on time to devote himself to music and movies.
Fortunately, it turned up an interesting work with Lars von Trier. Scandalous director offered Bjork not only write the music for his film ‘Dancer in the Dark “(2000), but also play a major role. The singer has coped with the work perfectly. She brilliantly played the role of emigrant Selma, sacrificed himself to save his son. Her game was such a poignant and sincere, that excited and brought tears to the world community.
At the Cannes Film Festival awarded the “Golden Palm” and the singer – the award for the best performance of the title role. The European Film Academy has recognized the best actress Björk. Her song ‘I’ve Seen It All’ has also received several awards and a nomination for the Oscar.
After the triumph of ‘Dancer in the Dark’ Bjork it opened the road to a great movie. But in order to fully devote himself to this art form, it would have to give up music. In it the singer could not go, so I chose a compromise. She went on a musical career, but sometimes in films. So, in 2005 with her participation was a film ‘Drawing the border-9’.
Bjork intelligent and tolerant people woman. It seems that she was born for love, but it is more important not to be loved, as to love. And most of all she loves her family. The singer is married to American artist Matthew Barney, which in 2002 gave birth to a daughter Isadouru. Also, she has an older son Sindri from the participant group ‘The Sugarcubes’ Toura Eldona.
Bjork has proven to the world that is not only a gifted singer but also a talented actress. Her sensual performance in the film ‘Dancer in the Dark “won millions of viewers. However, much greater success in the music of Bjork reached. Do not fall under any standards, she turned the foundations of the show-business. Charming and delicate, bold and eccentric, original and freedom-loving – it has taken a worthy place in the history of modern pop music

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