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American bison – a true symbol of America. It belongs to the family of bovids subfamily bulls, and is very similar to bison. Therefore, they interbreed freely, and their offspring, called Bison, sometimes regarded as one of the subspecies.
bison length – 2.5-3 m, height of about 2 meters. Wool it – thick, gray-brown color, interspersed on the head and neck with a black and brown. Ahead of the hair longer. Wide forehead makes his head crowned with short thick horns, even more massive. Ears are short and narrow, eyes large and dark, short neck. On the back of his neck buffalo hump there, which makes the already massive body more front. Anyway, the back part of his body is much weaker than the front. Short tail ends in a brush of thick hair. Legs rather short, but powerful, because of what the American bison looks squat than like a musk ox.
Males weigh up to 1270 kg, females weigh less. Painting of bison is usually brown or light brown, but can meet animals and other unusual bison, colors.
American bison are divided into two subspecies – Flat (Bison bison bison) and the forest (Bison bison atabascae). They differ from each other in structure characteristics, as well as the bison fur pokrova.Lesnoy
Previously, bison, also called buffalo American Indians, was distributed throughout North America, but now only found north and west of Missouri.
In the summer of bison grazing on the wide northern plains, migrating for the winter in the southern forested areas, and coming back in the summer.
Steppe individuals eat grass and may eat it to 25 kg per day. Wild buffalo, in addition to grass, do not give up yet on the moss, lichens, rags trees trees. Even meter crust of snow is not a hindrance to them, if they want to eat, but more often looking for bison snowy areas. Frost is not a hindrance to the animal – thick fur protects bison even in 30-degree frosts.
This is a huge and seemingly clumsy animal can actually move very quickly and easily. American bison can reach speeds exceeding the speed of a horse. In addition, he is a good swimmer.
Living bison often large herds. Charge of each herd of several old and the mother of the male, vigilantly guarding him.
In a rage, the bison very unstoppable, showing a danger for the hunter, and for another enemy. He has a good sense of smell and hearing, uttering at the same musky odor that other animals feel at a great distance. In fact, other than the person fears only bison and grizzly wolf, the latter is more dangerous to the young and weak animals.
Bisons – polygamous ungulates. Harem for any dominant male – a normal phenomenon. In July-September, the animals mate. The female bears one calf about 9 months, twins, these animals are extremely rare. Born cub eats milk whose fat content is 12%.
Young bison playful, and constantly sport for fun under the supervision of adults. Between themselves, animals communicate through grunts deaf.

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