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BioShock: The Collection

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Return to Rapture – restored and radiant high-resolution textures
This fall, improved reissue of famous games – in abundance. will remaster role-playing game The Elder Scrolls Skyrim In late October, on the way – an updated version of the blockbuster Batman: Arkham Asylum, and even – that’s really no one expected – the anniversary return shooter Duke Nukem 3D. The first series of reissues opened anthology shooter Bioshock – Bioshock: The Collection. It includes three issues: Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite. The greatest interest in our first issue has caused, because it first came out almost a decade ago and was in need of a much more serious restoration than the same Bioshock Infinite – game three years ago.
Even many years after the original Bioshock still zlobodneven and deftly keeps the player on their toes. Although now very few people do not know the role played by the phrase «Would you kindly» ( «Be kind”) in the life of the hero, the history of it did not become boring. But perhaps best of all – return to the underwater city of Rapture, which now shines high-resolution textures. Delight – the main hero of the game and the most important tourist attraction. Its authenticity is easy to believe – not least because of the influence of System Shock 2, one of the previous work of Ken Levine, chief ideologue Bioshock. It was from System Shock game inherits all the tricks and techniques of the genre, which in the West is called immersive sim. In it the hero around the world paid no less attention than the gameplay and plot justification have everything, including the familiar gaming conventions like ammo and health packs scattered on the level. Even such a seemingly unviable concept as an underwater city, then presented to a very convincing. In Bioshock everything is interconnected and built a clear causal link. “It was not difficult to build a city on the ocean floor, it would be difficult to build it somewhere else!”, – Says Andrew Ryan, a local Goodwin and ruler of Oz.
Energetic and self-centered businessman Andrew Ryan believes that the meaning of human life – to achieve personal goals and build your own happiness. Public interest he rejects. The state, the church, the ungrateful people – all this prevents the creator. To test his theory, he decides to create an isolated world for the same outstanding, but not superhumans adopted by society: artists, scientists, businessmen. So there is the underwater city of Rapture – a world where there are no restrictions for any implementation of ideas. Utopia? Of course it sounds familiar. World Bioshock echoes the literary work “Atlas Shrugged”, so much so that the name is an anagram of Andrew Ryan behalf of author Ayn Rand.
Bioshock creator Ken Levine enter into a dispute with the legacy of Ayn Rand and consistently deconstructs the world capitalist ideal, glorified in “Atlanta.” The main thought Levin runs through all of his game: the ideology of any society – a synonym for disaster, because it leads to the death of a moral people. They are no longer guided by common sense, and think only of dogmas. To enhance the grotesqueness of what is happening and explain some of the wonders of Delight, Ken Levine gives residents access to the city “Adam” – fantastic stuff, lets you change the cells of the body. Not constrained by any moral framework of the townspeople begin to furiously inject the drug. Contrary to popular belief, “Adam” does not destroy delight, but only accelerate its fall. Frank Fontaine, a smuggler, the chief opponent of Andrew Ryan and the main antagonist of the game, and does not pull on the main culprit of the fall of Rapture. Fontaine – a product of the system and, if you wish, he was cynical and adventurous Ryan. In other words, it has become an ideal citizen of Rapture, and has surpassed the teacher.
The gameplay of the first Bioshock
Since the release of the game and still love to criticize Bioshock as a bad shooter. With this one could agree, if Bioshock ever claimed the title of first-class shooter. First-person view and shuterny mechanics due to the tasks that faced the designers: make the player believe what was happening. In Bioshock as much of a shooter, how much and from RPG. The more lean on plasmids and tonics, the less you need to shoot straight. This is especially important on consoles, where uncertain aiming hero can greatly disturb and annoy. Game subtly hints that get rid of sporadic skirmishes can only bursting “Adam” from ear to ear. Thus, hunting of the famous Big Papochek turns into a risky, requiring preparation, but an exciting and profitable business. In addition, the events unfold in a more beautiful scenery than before, thanks to the high resolution textures.
It would be unfair not to mention the rest of the games included in the collection. Bioshock Infinite came three years ago, and the memory of it is still warm. Fantasy Ken Levine at this time gets players into a flying city of Columbia, where the rights of the local Donald Trump, successfully embodied in the slogan Make America Great Again.
About Bioshock 2 to say as the weakest game of the trilogy. This is partly true, if only because Ken Levine was not involved in its creation. However, Bioshock 2 looks pale only in comparison with Bioshock and Bioshock: Infinite, by itself it is quite interesting. It’s full return to Rapture, and the story begun in the first part, the game still quite logical and consistent. Without the second issue of selection would be clearly incomplete.
Gameplay second Bioshock
Rank Collector’s Edition anthology deserves also due to additional materials. It is true that they are just for the first Bioshock – the oldest and respectable meeting participant. In the game menu, you can see a new and previously unavailable option – “Museum Bioshock». Here are collected the earliest models of the characters that are not included in the final version. There are very interesting items, such as slugs, which originally served as Little Sisters. The pearl of the collection had to be the creation of video games with the participation of Ken Levine, but with them came a snag. No, they are included and the content is very informative, and in them is a lot of interesting new facts that would lead fans into raptures. It is something else: their for some reason are scattered on the game as a secret. That Shaped a mockery, because they are hidden pretty well, and not the fact that after the passing you open them all. Only one way out – to watch on Youtube. But be sure to watch!
Bioshock: The Collection shake off the dust from the iconic for the gaming industry shooters and offers them in a renovated form of the players to focus on the story and not be distracted by outdated graphics. For those who have already seen the Rapture, this reissue – an excellent opportunity to re-plunge into the world invented by Ken Levine. And for those who know about it only by hearsay or are still limited familiarity with Colombia in the third part – the opportunity to find out how it all began. The only drawback – it is part of the supplementary materials presented: it was not worth making them so difficult to reach.

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