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Bing Crosby Biography
Harry Lillis “Bing” Crosby was a famous American singer and actor, whose career was spanned more than half a century. Born in settlement Tacoma, Washington, on May 3, 1903, Crosby was the fourth of seven children accountant Harry Crosby Lincoln. At age 6, the Irish American origins notice in the journal “Spokesman-Review”, a humorous page, “Bingville Bugle”. A neighbor, Valentine Hobart, noting the boy’s interest laughable facts presented in newspaper calls “Bingo Bingville”. Harry eliminates the last vowel, presenting itself acquaintances since then, with the first name “Bing”. Desiring to become a lawyer, Crosby enroll at Gonzaga University in Washington. The student becomes a member of the band “Musicaladers” by Al Rinker. Having success with his new musical career last year universiar, Bing says goodbye trade balance and governed by the sword. In 1926, with a show at the Metropolitan Theatre in Los Angeles, pleasant voice of Crosby drew attention musician Paul Whiteman. Their first recording, “I’ve Got The Girl” has not impressed the audience weather. Bing, leaving behind modest attempt the 1926 musical, singing a duet with Al Rinker. The two (integrating is now in the band “The Rhyyhm Boys”), launches successful songs like “At your command” “I Surrender Dear” and “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams”. American has become a star since 1932, the year had his own radio program on CBS.
During the Second World War, US troops Crosby singing. His partner Bob Hope “Road To Bali” surpassed in popularity at the time of belligerence, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, US president Dwight Eisenhower or commander. Most suuces song was “White Christmas” sung in the movie “Holiday Inn” (1942). The famous “Guinness World Records” considers that “White Christmas” was sold over 100 million copies worldwide. His career was prolific film, as evidenced by a top of 1940’s most famous actors, where Crosby was ranked third after Clark Gable and John Wayne. The American Film Academy has appreciated not only voice, but also the acting. In 1944, the expressive actor received an Oscar for her performance in “Going My Way”.
With his first wife, Dixie Lee Crosby had four sons: Gary, Dennis and Phillip Lindsay. Kathryn Grant, the second wife gave him three children: Harry, Mary and Nathaniel.
Who loved it all life on Louis Armstrong was a convinced republican, supporting him in the elections of 1940, Wendell Willkie on.
His last concert was held two days before his death, which occurred on October 14, 1977. It is said that his last words were: “It was a wonderful game of golf, boys!”
Nonsalantul or style of singing (especially revealed in radio broadcasts) and has left its mark on future generations of pop singers.

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