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Billy Zane (Billy Zane) – a famous Hollywood actor who starred in such popular films as “Titanic”, “Orlando”, “Dead Hole”.
short biography
William George Zane, Jr. was born in the Greek family of physicians on February 24, 1966 in Chicago. The older sister, Lisa Zane, is also an actress. As a child, parents often sent their children to a summer camp for gifted children, and future movie stars comprehended, among other things, acting skills. After graduation, Billy firmly decided to become an actor and continued his education. He studied at TASIS, then Francis W. Parker School and Harand Camp of the Theater Arts.
Already the first roles in the cinema made the actor famous and singled out among other young Americans who were eager for a screen. In 1985, the 19-year-old actor appeared in the Robert Zemeckis film, which became a cult, “Back to the Future”. Billy played the role of a friend of the main villain – Biff Tannen. Then there were the shootings in “Zubastikah” (1986), where the actor played Steve Elliott. This film about gloomy and charming monsters fell in love with both children and adults. In 1989, Billy Zane appeared in the leading role in the duet with Nicole Kidman in the Australian drama of Phillip Noyce “The Dead Whirlpool”. In this intense thriller, 23-year-old Billy showed all his skill: his hero rescues a married couple during a storm on the high seas, and at first looks like a good savior. However, later the story of salvation turns into a bloody drama, woven from insanity and sex, and the hero Billy turns out to be a crazy brunette, terrorizing the heroine Kidman. The film deserved the praise of critics, separately was marked by the masterful play of Billy Zane. In the same year he appeared in the sequel “Back to the Future 2”, which was as successful as the first film. With the beginning of the nineties, Zane continues to climb the Hollywood Olympus. He acts as a serial (“Twin Peaks”, “Tales from the Crypt”), and in the author’s cinema. So, in 1992, he played in the debut film documentary Sally Potter “Orlando”, based on the novel by Virginia Woolf. In this historical art-drama, Billy appears only for a few minutes, but his role is remembered instantly. And in the tape “Sniper” (1992) Billy plays one of the shooters, who gets a deadly task: in the jungles of Central America to find the base of Colombian drug dealers, to penetrate there and destroy the leader. Since 1995, the actor began to act as co-producer of some films.
Despite the fact that Zane was filmed in several paintings for the year, worldwide fame came to him in 1997. When the 31-year-old actor appeared in the ambitious James Cameron “Titanic.” This tape about love aristocrats (Kate Winslet) and romance-tramp (Leonardo DiCaprio) aboard the legendary liner has won the hearts of millions around the world, beating several financial records. Billy Zane got in this picture the role of the groom of the main character – the evil gentleman, the cowardly handsome snob Hockley, who continually tries to humiliate the hero Leonardo and return the location of the bride. Of course, after work in this picture about Billy Zane learned those who had not heard of him before.
Subsequently, Zane continued shooting in the series (“Lost,” “Enchanted”) and full-length paintings (“Mercenaries”, “Bullet hole”, etc.)
In 2001, the 35-year-old actor made his debut as a director, having removed several series of the series “Stop for a Minute”. The second directorial work of Zane was the French-Swedish thriller “Big Kiss” with a budget of 11 million euros. In it, he played one of the main roles. Billy was married to actress Lisa Collins. In 2011, a 45-year-old bachelor became a daddy – the Croatian model of Yasmin Gdag gave him a daughter.

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