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Bill Skarsgård: Biography
Bill Skarsgård is a famous Swiss actor who has managed to catch the fancy of avid movie fans through a brilliant game. For professional work in film industry, this talented young man received the deserved award “Golden Beetle”.

Bill Skarsgård was born on August 9, 1990 in Stockholm, Sweden’s largest city. The future actor grew up and was brought up in a creative atmosphere, because his father Stellan Yun Skarsgard is a famous theater and film actor, winner of the Berlin Film Festival. This talented man is familiar to viewers from the films Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011), Thor (2011) and Avengers (2012). But Bill’s mother chose not at all an artistic path: in the specialty of Mrs. Mu Gunther is a physician.

In total, the couple had six children, and Sam, Gustav and Alexander also linked their lives with the acting craft. It is known that the relationship Stellan and Mu failed, parents Bill filed for divorce. Later, the head of the family made a marriage proposal to Megan Everett, who presented two children to her lover: Ossian and Kolbein. It is known that Bill, like his brothers, began to be interested in acting as early as early childhood. The boy watched films, and then parodied what he saw, showing his parents improvised scenes.

When the boy was 9 years old, he had a debut work in front of director cameras. It was a Swedish thriller “Järngänget” (2000), unfamiliar to the Russian audience, where Skarsgard appeared on the TV screen with his brother Alexander. But this film work did not make Bill a popular child-actor, because, firstly, the role was fleeting, and secondly, the film was shot by a little-known director.

According to rumors, when Bill began to attend school, over time he became estranged from acting and wanted to become a scientist. But the fate of the young man made his own corrections: after the guy flew into the adventure action movie “Arn: United Kingdom” (2008) along with Stellan and Gustav, he realized that being in the immense world of cinema was his vocation.

In the same 2008, Bill played in the Swedish TV series “Life in Fagervik”, and later appeared in the comedy of Mats Lindberg and Karl Ostrand “Cosmolizer” (2009), where he played one of the main roles. This fantastic picture tells about Kenny (Johan Rheborg), who, unfortunately his parents, is the most negligent student in the entire galaxy.

Two years later, Bill Skarsgård took part in a comedy: this time he appeared in the movie “In Space, there is no feeling” (2010), the plot of which revolves around 18-year-old Simon suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. The fact is that for a normal existence in the world of a guy, perfectionism must reign: the young man wants order to be in everything, even in the amorous relationship of his brother. But after Sam (Martin Wahlstrom) throws the girl, chaos begins in the life of Simon.

In the same 2010, Bill again replenished his creative biography, playing a major role in the Swiss drama “Beyond the Blue Skies”. This film is about a young man who, in the hope of finding a better life, escapes from his alcoholic father. In 2012, Skarsgard occasionally took part in the adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s world-famous novel “Anna Karenina” in a modern interpretation, where the main roles went to Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Kelly Macdonald.

Later, the talented actor added to his filmography, having participated in the filming of the Norwegian melodrama “Victoria. A love story ”(2013), in which viewers saw the relationship a la Romeo and Juliet: the daughter of a rich landowner has feelings for the poor son of the miller, but the girl’s father is categorically against such a misalliance and wants Victoria to marry the wealthy cadet Otto (Bill Skarsgard ).

In the same 2013, a handsome young man (an actor’s height – 192 cm, weight – 85 kg) changes the role of a romantic actor and begins to act in the chilling series produced by Netflix “Hemlock Grove”. The plot of the serial horror film tells the story of a fictional town in the state of Pennsylvania. But the relatively quiet existence of the inhabitants in this scanty place is crumbling in the blink of an eye after the mysterious murder of a student of a local school.

The spoiled boy Roman (Bill Skarsgard) and his friend Peter Rumanchek (Landon Liboiren) undertake the investigation of this terrible crime. Also in the cast of the show included Penelope Mitchell, Frey Tingley and Dougrey Scott. In 2016, Bill appeared in the third part of the dystopian franchise based on Veronica Roth’s novel Divergent, Chapter 3: Behind the Wall. Skarsgard was lucky to work with movie stars such as Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Jeff Daniels.

Personal life
There are still no rumors about the amorous relationship of Bill Skarsgard, the guy does not share photos with his beloved on his Instagram page and does not write about it on Twitter blogs. Therefore, fans can only guess whether the high blue-eyed brown-haired girl has a girlfriend. However, in 2011, journalists found a young man with a certain Clara Girell. Also, according to rumors, the actor had an amorous relationship with Alexis Knapp.

Bill has a good sense of humor and knows how to play the guitar. The actor often spends his free time surrounded by friends. By the way, some fans of the guy notice his striking resemblance to Steve Buscemi.

Bill skarsgard now
2017 was a productive year for the actor: he starred in the drama “Battle Creek”, and also appeared in the acclaimed thriller “Blasting Blonde”, where he worked with Charlize Theron, James MacAvoy and John Goodman. Also, fans of Stephen King, and just lovers of scary movies are looking forward to the premiere of the film “It”, the output of which is designated for autumn 2017. Skarsgård will transform into an ominous clown who kidnaps young children.

Director Andres Musketti also offered to execute Pennyz Marc Ryllans and Ben Mendelsohn. The same proposal was received by Tim Curry, who played in the original film “Ono” (1990), but the actor refused. It is worth noting that Bill thoroughly approached this role: he spent a long time on the set, talking with the filmmakers. The actor admitted that he wanted to pay tribute to Curry, who brilliantly played a terrible character.

Among other things, according to rumors, the actor will soon appear in several films and the TV series “Castle Rock” (2018).

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