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Date of birth: 13.01.1964 year
Place of birth: bath, Somerset, UK
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Height: 171 cm
Original name: mark Bailey
The best comedian in the UK
In General, the bill Bailey became an actor about 20 film and telecasting, and also the author of six DVD releases, the latest of which – ‘Dandelion Mind’ was released in 2010.
Bill Bailey (Bill Bailey, real name mark Bailey/Mark Bailey) was born in 1964 in bath, Somerset (Bath, Somerset). Bill’s father (Mark) worked as a doctor, mother was a nurse, and the Bailey childhood spent in the West of England, Cansema (Keynsham) between Bristol (Bristol) and Bath.
School King Edward’s School were given Bailey easily, and it was one of the best students, but in high school the guy is so fascinated with music and playing in the school band, academic classes, he simply abandoned.
After high school bill had tried to study literature in College, Westfield College, but lasted there only a year; later, Bailey got his diploma, but for music, the London College of music (London College of Music).
Youth was influenced by the music of ‘Monty Python’, and the team that Billy tried his hand as a musician, was a ‘Famous Five’.
In addition to music Bailey worked out pretty well for humorous miniatures, so already in his youth he began to try to work in the genre of stand-up, and soon bill had already traveled the country with concerts together with artists such as mark Lamarr (Mark Lamarr).
In 1984, Billy was paired with Toby Longworth (Toby Longworth), a duet they have named it ‘the Rubber Bishops’, and they managed to become really popular in the clubs. However, for this young comedians had to work very, very hard schedule, sometimes working on several concerts in one night. At this time, bill developed his own style of behavior and games on stage, a very characteristic and recognizable, which mixed musical parody with a pretty simple jokes.
In 1994, Bailey has appeared with the show ‘Rock’ in Edinburgh (Edinburgh Festival Fringe), along with Sean Locke (Sean Lock); later they show about an ageing rock star was on BBC Radio 1.
However, the great popularity of the show is not found and it was soon covered, and the bill decided to go on TV.
In the 1990s, it can be seen in the TV series ‘Asylum’ (‘Asylum’), ‘Jonathan Creek’ (‘Jonathan Creek’), ‘Weird’ (‘Spaced’) and several others, and in 1997 he again has put its own show ‘Bill Bailey’s Cosmic Jam’, which this time was accepted just fine.
On Channel 4 in 1997, even the transmission was ‘Bill Bailey Live’.
With the support of Donna McPhail (Donna McPhail) in 1995, Bailey was the winner ‘Time Out award’ and the year he received the ‘Perrier Comedy Award’.
In 1999, Bailey became the winner of another award – ‘Best Live Stand-Up award’.
Despite the fact that his career as a comedian took off, bill not abandoned and television, continuing to play comedic roles mostly in TV shows. One of his most popular roles was Manny in the series ‘Bookstore black’ (‘Black Books’). Should be called and such bill, as the teen series ‘Skins’ (‘Skins’), fun ‘Wild West’ (the’Wild West’), and, in addition, Bailey has also appeared in movies – ‘the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’ (‘The Hitchhiker”s Guide to the Galaxy’ 2005), ‘Hands and feet for love’ (‘Burke and Hare’, 2010), ‘How to marry a billionaire’ (‘Chalet Girl’, 2010) and others.
In addition, the bill many times appeared in their own roles on various television shows, and that these roles are most likely to see viewers.
As for the music, all the performances of Bailey’s in some way connected with it – all of his jokes and rooms, he focuses on music. Bailey, by his own admission, absolute ear for music, and indeed he is a very talented pianist and guitarist, and in one interview he told that arrived in the time prior to the sixth year of study on the clarinet.
It is known that in the 1990s he assembled a punk band ‘Beergut 100’;
Bailey can be seen at the concerts of the orchestra BBC Concert Orchestra; he has appeared several times with solo performances in such venues as Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Royal Albert Hall.
In the summer of 2011, he plans to appear at the festival, Sonisphere Festival.
In General, the bill Bailey became an actor about 20 film and telecasting, and also the author of six DVD releases, the latest of which – ‘Dandelion Mind’ was released in 2010.
It is known that bill has a wife, Christine (Kristin), the wedding which took place in 1988. Being a real fan of the movie ‘Star Trek’, bill called his only son DAX (Dax) in honor of one of the characters, and the artist himself often jokingly refers to as a Klingon (Klingon).

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