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Popular English actor, famous for roles in British television series ‘Doctors’ and the film ‘Stardust’, ‘BIGGA than Ben’ (Bigga Than Ben), ‘the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’, ‘Dorian gray’  and ‘Easy virtue’. The idol of the female audience, from teenage girls to adult ladies.
Ben Barnes born 20 August 1981 in London, UK. His mother, Trisha Barnes is a family therapist and Thomas Barnes a Professor of psychiatry at Imperial College London. Ben lives in London with his brother Jack, who’s younger than him by three years. Ben is a graduate Homefield Preparatory School and King’s College School, where he studied with actor Khalid Abdalla and comedian Tom Bastenom. At Kingston University Barnes studied drama and English literature.
In 2004, Ben Barnes was a singer in the band ‘Hyrise’ that was going to represent the UK at Eurovision, but left the band the next day after a disastrous tour selected. In 2006, he received his first small television role – played in one of the episodes of the soap Opera ‘Doctors’, then in the TV drama ‘Neededuse solution’ (Split Decision) about a teenage girl caught in a new school, and finally, in 2007, Barnes appeared the first really prominent role. Family film-a fantasy ‘Stardust’ (Stardust) on the book by Neil Gaiman, in which Ben played the father of the protagonist in his youth, could not remain unnoticed. Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro, Claire Danes, Rupert Everett, Charlie Cox, luminary of cinema, Peter O’toole and Director Matthew Vaughn have created a real fairy-tale world, the audience left the session confident that magic exists.
In 2008, the classic kinotrailer Barnes has been absolutely seemingly unexpected role in the film Susie Halved the book Tatarskogo S. P. and Sakina ‘Ben More’. The tagline of the film reads: ‘we bent London’, and four words explain the plot. Two Russian gouging (Ben Barnes and Alexei Chadov) travel to England to slightly rich. As soon as Ty cash, they have to embark on small-time scams, to wash dishes in a cafe, to trade in stolen cell phones, etc. Despite bomzhevatogo a kind, Barnes and in this incarnation managed to conquer a considerable part of the girls ‘ hearts.
In the romantic Comedy ‘Easy virtue’ (2008) Barnes played John Whittaker, a young Englishman, heir to an impoverished family, who holds the last hope to save their land in a profitable marriage of his son. But the son unexpectedly brings home a new wife, the stunning American woman who looks leaky ancestral estate as a peacock in a henhouse. And again the magnificent ensemble cast – Jessica Biel, Kristin Scott Thomas, Colin Firth.
However, the biggest success of 2008 was another picture with the participation of Barnes ‘Prince Caspian’ from the series ‘the Chronicles of Narnia’. Director Andrew Adamson for more than a year could not find an actor to play Prince Caspian, and just 3 weeks before the start of filming he saw Ben Barnes. To give the film a romantic touch, the creators of the film slightly changed the base – despite the fact that in the book the Prince 13 years, 26-year-old Ben played a 17-year-old Caspian.
Next the lead role of Ben Dorian gray in the film adaptation of the novel of Oscar Wilde’s ‘the picture of Dorian gray’ in 2009, where he played along with the star of British film Colin Firth. Incredibly beautiful and bleak, the story of the fall of the young, handsome and Victorian atmosphere – the success of ‘Dorian gray’ is well deserved.
In 2010 out 2 new film starring Ben Barnes – the Chronicles of Narnia’ called ‘the voyage of the Dawn’, where he plays a grown-up Prince Caspian, and the Thriller ‘the Farewell’ (Locked In).
Ben sings great, he has a good baritone voice, plays the piano and drums. The heart of the young actor free. To maintain a good shape helping him swimming, tennis, basketball and cricket. Growth 183 see Ben In November of 2008, Ben Barnes was one of the Trustees of the British charity organization ‘Live the dream’, which helps to fulfill the wishes of seriously ill children.

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