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Benjamin Giza Affleck-Boldt was born August 15, 1972 in the town of Berkeley, California, USA. Father – Tim Afllek, the actor, had a drinking problem that ruined his career in the theater. Mother – Chris Boldt, a schoolteacher. Brother – Casey Affleck (1975), and went on to become a famous actor.
Shortly after the birth of Ben his family moved to the town of Cambridge Massachusetts, where he grew up. When the future actor was 11 years old, her parents divorced. Mama Benjamin brought up her sons alone, managing to maintain their extraordinary ability for acting.
In 1981, eight Ben Affleck made his film debut, playing a cameo role in the drama “The dark side of the street.”
School years passed the young actor on the set. The first success came to him with commercials diner «Burger King» (1983-1984). He then starred in the family TV series “Journey Mimi” (1984), the crime thriller “Hands stranger” (1987) and a cameo role in the show is quite popular school “Especially the ABC after school” (1972-1995).
At this time Ben met Matt Damon, they played together in the baseball and went to acting classes.
Ben Affleck: “Yes, we’re friends with Matt since eight years. At grew in Boston. And now he lives practically on the same street with me. Often go to each other on the barbecue, and our kids like to play together. I am extremely happy that there are a person who knows me so long ago and can always maintain emotional
In the first 15 years, Ben has played a major role in the series’ second journey of Mimi “(1988). For 18 years already Affleck starred in about 10 major projects. Although permanent employment at the site, Benjamin in 1990 successfully graduated from a prestigious school «Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School».
His last role youth played Ben in the dramas of life Alumni “School Ties” (1992) and “Dazed and Confused” (1993). Coming out of the teen age, Affleck could not get in Hollywood their “breakthrough” role. The same position was and his friend Matt Damon.
As a result, Ben and Matt, and decided to write an original script, in which role would be suitable for them. The story of a brilliant but mentally unstable 20-year-old Wills mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has touched the hearts of producers, studio «Castlerock». The script picture “Good Will Hunting” (1997) was bought for 600 thousand dollars, and Matt and Ben got in her starring roles in the drama. The tape became an instant classic, brought together with a budget of 10 million at the box office nearly 140 million dollars, and has received many prestigious film awards.
“Good Will Hunting” did Affleck and Damon’s of Hollywood stars. Since that time, Ben began to develop his career as an actor, writer and director.
In autumn 2002, it was officially announced the engagement of Ben Affleck and singer Jennifer Lopez, with whom the actor met on the set of paintings “Gigli.” However, before the wedding is not reached. In 2004, they parted.
Ben Affleck: “Trouble, which, in theory, should unite us – lit. And I must say, the better! We realized that to truly each other never loved. Just to have influenced the atmosphere of the filming, which is very often the case with artists. ”
In 2004, Affleck won the California League of Poker, beating professional players. He also collects old arcade video games.
In 2005, Ben married actress Jennifer Garner, whom he met on the set of the painting “Pearl Harbor”, which Garner played a small role. The second time they met in 2003 on the set of “Daredevil.” Married spouses born daughter Violet Anne (01.12.2005) and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth (06.01.2009). February 27, 2012 Jennifer gave birth to a boy, who was named Samuel Garner.
Ben Affleck: “It was on the set in the blockbuster” Pearl Harbor, “I first saw his future wife. And on the site of the film “Daredevil”, which is considered a major failure of Ben Affleck, not counting the “Gigli”, began our love affair with Jennifer. That Jen pulled me out horribly oppressed condition in which I resided at the time. ”
In 2007, Benjamin made his debut as a director, removing the tape, “Gone Baby Gone.”
Ben Affleck: “In 2007, when I decided to stay in” Gone Baby Gone, “his directorial debut, very afraid. Then I began the first migraine – terrible headaches. But I was determined to: a damn now I will not do if you do not want. If only for the sake of money. And the competition. Or to someone something to prove. ”
In 2012, Ben Affleck took the political thriller “Operation” Argo “, which reproduces the real story of the salvation of American diplomats during the next Iranian revolution (1979-1980). This picture brought to its creator “Oscar” in the nomination “Best Producer”.
Ben Affleck: “This is a thriller in which the ideal and harmoniously combines satire on Hollywood and the real spy story – and all this is based on a true story, not so long ago the declassified, there is a such a rare success for the director! Besides, I was in college, where my main subject of the study was just the Middle East. ”
Ben Affleck starred in such popular films as “Shakespeare in Love” (1998), “Armageddon” (1998), “Phantom” (1998), “Dogma” (1999), “Forces of Nature” (1999), “200 Cigarettes “(1999),” Bounce “(2000),” Gambling “(2000),” Boiler Room “(2000),” The King of dreams “(2000),” Jay and Silent Bob strike back “(2001),” daddy and Them “(2001),” Pearl Harbor “(2001),” The Sum of All Fears “(2002),” Changing Lanes “(2002),” Daredevil “(2003),” Gigli “(2003),” The hour reckoning “(2003),” Surviving Christmas “(2004),” Jersey Girl “(2004),” Electra “(2005),” Clerks 2 “(2006),” The Death of Superman “(2006),” Man About Town ” (2006), “Smokin ‘aces” (2007), “promise – not That Into You” (2009), “The Big game” (2009), “extract” (2009), “The company men” (2010), “City of thieves “(director, screenwriter and actor, 2010),” a miracle “(2012),« Va-Bank “(2013),” Vanished “(2014).
It was learned that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the film adaptations of comic book superhero film director Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs. Superman: At the dawn of Justice” (2016) and “Justice League” (approximately 2017).
Ben Affleck: “I admit, at first, when I was only asked to play this role, I myself doubted. “Guys, I’m not 25 years old, – I said to the producers. – Are you sure I’m the guy that you want “But representatives of the studio carried with me a literate conversation, with all the” pros “and” cons “that doubt vanished?”.
In May 2015, media reported that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have been married for more than 10 years, are close to divorce. The couple lived for a few months apart, shifting against each other responsibilities for the upbringing of three children.
June 30, 2015, the day after the 10th wedding anniversary, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have officially announced the divorce.
Ben Affleck: “After long and careful consideration, we came to the difficult decision to divorce. We go forward, keeping the love and friendship for each other, and, first of all, think of the children, whose rights and feelings will be respected during this difficult period. ”
A family
Wife – Jennifer Garner, actress, producer (married June 29, 2005, divorced 30 June 2015)
Daughter – Violet Ann (01.12.2005)
Daughter – Seraphina Rose Elizabeth (06.01.2009)
The son – Samuel Garner (27.02.2012)
Cheyenne Rothman, a girlfriend in high school (the novel intermittently 1990-1997)
Gwyneth Paltrow, actress (novel from 1997 to 2000)
Shoshanna Lonstayn, stylist, fashion designer, owner of a clothing line in New York City (novel 2000)
Famke Janssen, model, actress, director, screenwriter (novel, 2000)
Jennifer Lopez, singer, actress (novel from 2002 to 2004)
Enns Sambataro, worked in the field of television advertising (novel 2004)
Krista Allen, actress (novel, 2004)
poker, motorcycles, computer games and game consoles

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