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Belinda Jo Carlisle (Belinda Carlisle) – American singer and actress. Lead singer and founder of the women’s rock ‘n’ roll group The Go-Go’s.
Belinda Carlisle was born August 16, 1958 in Hollywood, in a large family of Walt and Joan Carlisle, who raised seven children. His father worked as a carpenter, his mother – a seamstress. Dresses are usually battered Belinda inherited from older sisters and dolls had to share with the younger. But that was not the saddest. The life of the parents did not work, they divorced, and his mother married a second time for the man hard and uncompromising.
Belinda’s relationship with his stepfather were in the nature of the Cold War, and she began to rebel. The revolt was expressed in a very peculiar. Belinda was the first California girl who played in the boys’ basketball team. She loved to drive in football, and few of the boys could resist it on the field. Even from the fights, which she loved to conceive with his teammates, Belinda often come out the winner. Constant conflicts with his stepfather nearly brought her mother to a nervous breakdown. Also home neuyuta, Belinda had to struggle with excess weight. And then he took his character: a child plump, in high school, she has ensured that she received in a support group, warm up the audience before the matches.
In 1976 he received a matriculation certificate, Belinda immediately packed his bags and left the house. Her goal was independence, and in the future – a successful career and fame. In 1977, on the punk scene of Los Angeles, a new face. Carlisle first appeared in the music business as a drummer in a punk rock band “The Germs”, under the name Dottie Danger (Danger Dottie), although illness prevented her from performing with the group live.
Shortly after she had left the team, Belinda was the founder of “The Go-Go’s” (iznachalono wore the name “The Misfits”), together with musician girlfriend Jane Ueddin. After the incredible success and a breakthrough with the band “The Go-Go’s” in 1985, Belinda Carlisle starts a solo career. The actress has long felt the emerging changes. Now it’s time to implement them.
In April 1985, Belinda and Morgan were married, and soon eё first solo album, “Belinda” was recorded at Studio I.R.S. Records in 1986. Over the years the mega-hit “Mad about you” followed by a proposal to star in advertising Agree shampoo – it was the first of its recognition as a star.
Debut album “Belinda” received a gold certificate in the United States, Carlisle made a knight’s move: it is first of all demonstrated the ability to compose a hit melodies, making them lovely and memorable musical product, but also demonstrated the talent of pop singers. Busy her artistic niche, pleasant, melodic pop-rock as if specially been created for her.
Her second album in 1988 “Heaven on Earth” has become one of the most notorious events of 1988, quickly received multi-platinum status. The single “Heaven is a place on Earth” catapulted to the first line of the US pop charts, and then circled halfway around the world to hit rule # 1. Two more singles, “I get weak” and “Circle in the sand”, broke into the Top 10. Until the end, Carlisle was traveling across countries and continents, gathering information about the success of their new singles. World tour in 1989 culminated in the British Isles, where the actress was able to collect two full stadium “Wembley”. At the end of the tour she produced a live album “Your life be free”. But disappointed in American culture, which dominated the beginning of the material and everything is decided by money, Carlisle left his homeland and settled in France.
By the end of 1998 in a musical environment, began to spread rumors about the new album Carlisle. CD titled “A place on Earth” was released in 1999. His fans Carlisle pleased with three new tracks and the best hits.
In 2003, Belinda went to the first 1990 concert tour of the United States. Success has been achieved, it is proved that he was still loyal to the fans and in great shape despite the 13-year break. In 2007, the seventh album was released Voila.

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