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Beauceron – a kind of Shepherd, which is suitable not for everyone. These powerful and self-confident dogs have a long history. According to one theory it is believed that the ancestors were peat Beauceron dog. Other researchers believe that the breed originated from wolves, especially since its members are similar to those wild animals, not only in appearance but also in many traits.
The first information about the breed dates back 16 centuries. Officially, the Beauceron was recognized in the mid-19th century. Basic functions, which are used for dogs of this breed – guarding. Sheepdogs were used in France, as shepherds and were not only return stray sheep, but also to repel the attacks of wild animals. In Russia, the Beauceron is not very well known, which is amazing in comparison to what the brilliant performance has this kind Shepherd.
Beauceron different leadership instincts. The representatives of this breed superiority over other animals laid at the genetic level, because their ancestors were able to cope with a large number of sheep at the same time. If the dog owner is not able to immediately show that it should dominate, the dog will consider themselves above the hierarchy and behave in accordance with it. As a result, the Beauceron can be aggressive and unteachable. That is why start such a shepherd is recommended that only a strong, self-confident people. If you prioritize the person who is the owner, then the owner receives a bold open a dog that will be a wonderful companion and a great defender.
In general, this breed of strong aggression is different. Representatives of this species tolerant of strangers, showing no particular suspicion. Beauceron bark infrequently and only if there is indeed a reason for this. In the case of real danger, the dog will become a fierce defender of the hosts and all the family members.
With other animals Beauceron coexist peacefully. This is especially true when they are in the home at an early age. Do not start a Beauceron, if the house has a different animal, prone to dominance. In this case, a constant struggle for the highest place in the hierarchy of the animals is guaranteed. For small children Shepherds are favorable. However, bullying and tough games over themselves, they will not be tolerated. It is possible that similar behavior will lead kids animal aggression. Beauceron plant costs only if the children know how to properly handle a pet. With due respect to her dog shows only the positive side of his character.
Sheepdogs are ideal watchdog. One only appearance of this breed is quite intimidating to intruders. A dog can live in a special enclosure, and in the apartment. To maintain the physical form it requires exercise and regular walks.
Beauceron is not a very common breed. Therefore, the data is often considered a cross between dogs between Shepherd and Doberman or Rottweiler that is fundamentally wrong. Beauceron grow up to 70 cm and weigh up to 50 kg. The body is sinewy dogs, different power and strength. The ears are triangular, set high on the head. Short smooth coat feels quite stiff.
Color can be pure black or reddish-brown tan. Admitted marble stains. Any shades of white in the fur of the animal is unacceptable and a defect of the breed. The tail is hanging down, long, may have the form of saber.
Like other “shepherds” of the breed, Beauceron can have the following health problems:
Peat dog
Hip dysplasia,
The atrophy of the retina,
Improper nutrition of the French sheepdogs have problems with digestion. Beauceron sensitive to medicines. It is desirable that a dog of this breed was observed in childhood have a vet so that he can have an idea about the health of the features that are peculiar to it.
Beauceron – not too whimsical dog. Optimal start of this breed should be a representative of a country house. The impressive dimensions of a pet can cause inconvenience, if the French start shepherd in an apartment with a small area.
dog coat requires periodic brushing. virtually do not shed Beauceron. Despite the fact that Shepherd sympathetic to the water procedures, they are often not recommended. Bathe your dog is necessary for heavily soiled or 1-2 times a month. For the procedure, you can use a dog shampoo liquid that exist in a pet shop.
Nails should be cut only if they are too long and cause discomfort to the animal. It accumulates in the corners of his eyes the dirt must be removed with a cotton swab. Beauceron – is, above all, for the dog of the street. Therefore, it is necessary as much as possible spend time outdoors. Their habitats can become a special enclosure in a country house. However, it is not recommended to plant a representative of the breed on a chain for a long time.
French Shepherd differs remarkable intellect. Training it is possible to start from an early age. Among the methods of education in any case should not use physical punishment. Such measures can cause aggression by the dog, with the result that it may be signs of destructive behavior, and the results of any lessons can be no question. As an incentive to training necessary to use toys and treats.
Beauceron mature quite late – to 3 years. Until that time, the process of education must continue. The owner of the behavior necessary to closely monitor your pet and as needed to adjust it.
Despite the impressive size of the French sheepdogs and their brave independent nature, some representatives of the breed can have problems with mental development. As a result, the dog generated such negative traits as timidity, anxiety, confusion. In some situations, the Beauceron can show fear of strangers. Such behavior may be associated with trauma and non-admission corrected repeat the situation, as well as gentle and considerate attitude of the people.
Beauceron – a dog breed that is “out of fashion”, but it has great value. If the original French Shepherd famous high aggressiveness and cruelty, the skillful selection policy and the right approach to education gave excellent results. As a result, Shepherd lovers get clever independent pet, which will be an excellent guard, the defense or just a companion.
In their homeland Beauceron have several specialties, except the main one shepherd. They are used by the army as a bloodhound, guard connected. The police resorted to the help of the dogs of this breed in the search for missing people. Besides Shepherds are loyal pets, which are responsible for taking care of their owners devotion and unlimited love.

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