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Bear – a ravenous beast, which is the largest in the world. its body length is about three meters and its weight of approximately 800. The bear has a great body, strong legs with claws, short tail, large head.

Bears brown species live in the forest, in the mountain forests and near the fertile meadows near water. Wool brown bears can be a variety of colors, ranging from shades of brown to dark brown. By age bears sedeyu and become gray. Very often there are species such as the Malayan bear, the snow, sloth, black bear and white. All these types of bears mostly occur singly, but sometimes a handful. Activity show at night and the polar bear only in the afternoon. Rest bears mostly in caves, in holes.

Almost all the bears are omnivores. However, species such as the polar bear eats only meat of mammals. Meals at the brown bears diverse, it varies due to the change of seasons. After the bear wakes up in his diet consists of ants, the young shoots of the dead animals. Also bear diet consists of a variety of ripe berries, and even nuts. Bears are a lot of eating, in order to feed its need a lot of food that is processed into fat needed for winter living. When the year was not fruitful, the bears eat the crops of oats, corn, and eat pets.

Many bears are quiet life throughout the year. Brown bears and white-breasted for the winter hibernate. Among polar bears in hibernation fall only bear who nurture their young. Den bears very clean and emits a pleasant odor.

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