Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice widescreen

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

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After recent events people’s attitudes to Superman has changed dramatically: many began to perceive him as a hero who managed to make what the Government for many years to do so and failed, but at the same time for other Superman was the one from whom simply they We did not know what to expect. Clark Kent Strength knew no bounds, and in what direction it will continue to use them no one could not assume. On the side of those who were considered evil Superman and Batman stood up, who just announced his real war. Between the two heroes, who could manage so much good for its metropolis and the world as a whole, come difficult times: the good and the salvation of innocent people like leaves them aside, and now they do not see nothing but enmity between themselves. However, at the same time as Superman and Batman tried to understand each other, in the world there is a real threat, which was threatened with the destruction of mankind and the world in general. It seemed that the time has come to the end of civilization and to avoid it is simply impossible. But this time the heroes have to clean aside personal scores and feast on their own to combine forces for a common goal – the salvation of mankind. Do they stop the evil Will, which continues to hang on the inhabitants of the planet at great speed – it is not clear, but that as it may, the only Superman and Batman the strength to return the world to its former state. Among the people are those who are not waiting for rescue, because they understand that these brave heroes have done for many people, and no longer required to sacrifice their own lives for the sake of those who doubt them, but the characters remain on the sidelines simply can not. Above mankind once again in mortal danger and it seems that people are so close to his death have never been. Do the characters still have time to fix it?

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