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Basset Hound was bred in England by crossing the Bloodhound and Artesian-Norman Basset. This low stout dog belongs to the beagle, and its character can be described as phlegmatic. The height of a typical representative of this breed is not more than 35 cm Appearance basset quite peculiar:. Stretched torso, long ears and skin with wrinkles. In their homeland the dog intended for persecution medium-sized animals such as a rabbit or raccoon. In Russia Basset factory, mainly with decorative purposes.
About breed
The history of the emergence and development of the breed is a lot of controversy. The name Basset Hound formed from the merger of the French word “low” and the English “hound”. Representatives of this breed have a deceptive appearance, which is not related to his active temperament.
Appearance Basset
Basset fit perfectly into any environment and prefer the comfort of home. In their homeland, they were jokingly nicknamed “Sofa athletes.” Melancholy eyes, slow motion – it would seem, the dog only “home”. However, walking Basset demonstrates exceptional agility and endurance. While jumping over obstacles representative of this breed does not like, he rather prefers to crawl from the bottom of the fallen logs, than to skip it.
Basset in its present form appeared in England in the mid 19th century. In 1883, the standard of the breed was adopted in a special club. The Russian boom Basset popularity came in the 80s of the 20th century. But the wide popularity the breed was and negative qualities. Commercial approach eased requirements for the selection, and the Dachshund breed is quite complicated for breeding. The limbs of the breed artificially shortened, and nature is constantly trying to increase them. In addition, there are special requirements to the crease of the tail.
For those who gets a dog for show, you should know that even if non-physical inclinations, non-compliance with the rules of care, the champion is unlikely to succeed to grow. Pups must receive enough calcium and phosphorus. Grow basset puppies in much the same way as the puppies of large dogs. As a child, it is not suitable for heavy load on the musculoskeletal system. This bassets should as much as possible to be outdoors more often, however, to force them to move is not necessary, they should only do so on their own.
Character pet
Basset hound are accommodating and friendly dogs. Due to hunting root they love anything to look and sniff. It is quiet, a bit slow of pets, which is rapidly establishing contact with the whole family. Bassett will suit almost everyone. The representative of this breed is trying to give pleasure to those whom he loves. Emotional stability of this dog is very high, so they get along very well with children.
If Basset strongly attracted, it can be filled in a long shrill bark. This trait can be used as a guard. Like other hounds, bassets quite stubborn. However, they are perfectly amenable to training. Although as fast as, for example, Dobermans, they never will. As representatives of this breed loves to give pleasure to the owner, they very quickly understand how to approach a person. As a result, they do try to amuse and amaze its owner.
A dog of this breed does not like to be alone. Alone, she begins to eat a lot and sleep. In addition, the Basset will howl loudly. On this feature should be aware of those who are going to start a dog in a multi-storey apartment houses as neighbors are unlikely to come to the delight of the periodic howling pet.
Basset have fairly good health. Among the diseases typical of the breed, observed:
Zavorotok intestines,
Glaucoma and ectropion,
Von Willebrand disease,
hip dysplasia.
Dogs mature age often suffer from hypothyroidism, in other words, reduced thyroid function. Symptoms of this disease are lethargy, sensitivity to weather change, a tendency to obesity, increased hair loss. Fortunately, identify the disease is quite simple – you only need to do a blood test. Hypothyroidism is treated by a special drug that is taken once or twice a day.
Also bassets can have back problems. To notice this malady can be on such grounds:
The dog refuses to go up and down stairs,
Lack of appetite,
In some cases, possible paralysis, partial or complete, the back of the torso.
When any of these symptoms, you should immediately consult your veterinarian. This eye disease, as glaucoma, is considered among the breed inheritance. Therefore it is necessary to look into the medical records of the puppy parents. In cases where a dog likes to eat on the street everything, enteritis may occur. The symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders are practically the same as in humans: diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite and others.
Care and Maintenance
Basset usually fade, why require regular brushing. Bathe your dog is required once a month to water procedures by representatives of the breed, usually, are favorable. If the dog is often drool, the special attention and care will require skin around the mouth.
The ears are the weakest members of this breed, as they have a large size. If they are not regularly cleaned, then there may be a variety of infections. Many owners of Bassett complain that he had asked to go to the toilet on the street, these hounds hard enough to teach. In addition, the education of this dog breed may cause some difficulties.
Bassett As a child need a steady hand. However, this dog does not tolerate any physical violence. Representatives of this breed love to play. Since hunting skills in modern Bassett are not lost, they are safe to take a walk in the woods. They are indispensable helpers in the hunt.
dog’s diet should be balanced. For representatives of this breed may well go the usual dry food. But Bassett owners must remember that dogs, because of their physique and not too much activity, prone to obesity. Therefore, once again pamper pets is not recommended. It is sufficiently large meals once daily, in the evening.
Bassett can serve as the guards and bodyguards. They practically are not aggressive, but the real threat may become severe enough opponents. By cons include the breed too often leaping barking, which is typical for these hounds. But with all the advantages of a basset, they can be safely choose as pets and they do not disappoint owners. This contact and complaisant animals which, at the same time can show at any time, their stubbornness and self-will. Basset perfectly coexist alongside other pets, and including in the same house with the cats, they absolutely do not interfere with each other, and sometimes even begin to “make friends”.

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