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Family: centrarchidae
Rod Black perch
Latin name: Micropterus salmoides
Other names: largemouth bass, foreleokun, black bass, largemouth, black bass, bigmouth bass
Type: freshwater
Lifestyle: pelagic
Power Type: carnivore
Habitat: Black Sea basin
Pacific Pool
Atlantic Pool
Mediterranean area
Bass body with a series of dark, sometimes black, spots, forming a jagged horizontal stripe along the sides of the body. Largemouth bass has an elongated body, with age higher in the back, the sides strongly compressed. Big head, the upper jaw protruding eyes on the back of the border. Has ctenoid 60-70 scales along the lateral line. The dorsal fin is divided into a deep groove, the front part (9-10 spiny rays) is lower than the back (1 spiny ray and 12-13 soft), anal fin with 3 spiny and 10-11 soft rays. Pelvic fins are not connected by a membrane, caudal fin with a notch. Colour: back dark, olive-green; flanks lighter, silvery, with a dark longitudinal stripe irregular under it (rarely and above) from the sensible dark spots. The abdomen is white with a reddish sheen silver. On the head oblique dark stripes. Older individuals monochrome – from olive-green to gray-green. A distinctive feature is the large, relative to body size vytvigayuschiysya mouth bass, and for that got its name. Largemouth bass is the largest of mikropterusov, reaching a maximum total length of 97 cm and a maximum weight of 11.3 kg. He lives an average of 16 years.
Habitat and behaviors:
He lives in stagnant waters of North America east of the Rockies from southern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Successfully acclimatized in Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Japan and Cyprus. In our country, an attempt was less successful acclimatization. Small populations, unfortunately not of great interest in terms of targeted fishing, preserved in the district. Kuban, p. Don, as well as in the lake. Abrau as permanent residence largemouth bass picks deep bays and oxbows, which holds among the roots, submerged twigs, stones; juveniles live in shallow areas.
Feeding habits:
The young bass consumes mostly small fish and insects. Adults consume juvenile fish, crayfish, frogs, snakes, salamanders. Large individuals may prey on juvenile alligators, small mammals, as well as on small birds and even bats. For the latest bass can jump high out of the water. In large lakes and pools, adult bass takes a deeper level than younger fish. Due to the large mouth of production facilities can be up to 25-35% of the body length of bass. In malokormnyh bass waters grow more slowly. Bass – ambush predator, so the development of the plant allows it to hunt more efficiently. But, paradoxically, undeveloped vegetation stimulates bass for a more active search for food, which sometimes leads to the displacement of other species of fish from the pond.
Spawning from March to July. The male builds on the site trough-shaped depression in the ground up to 1 m. On the eggs and fry care by both parents.
Features of fishing:
It is probably the most popular subject of sport fishing in the New World, and recently rapidly gaining fans and in Europe. In Japan, perhaps, he had won a landslide victory. Rare species of fish can boast that there are anglers who specialize exclusively on catching it. And he has won exceptional fighting spirit by which formed a large sports interest in this fish. In 1967, 34-year-old Ray Scott from Alabama Sports Society established bass fishing enthusiasts, or BASS (from the English. Bass Anglers Sport Society). He had no idea what kind of a snowball descends with the “mountains”. The first world championship in 1971 collected only 24 participants, and the winner – Bobby Murray – took home 10 thousand green.. It is curious that the first seven years, the name of competitive pond participants declared only on board the aircraft. Today, the main prize of the championship is $ 200 thousand., The global potential of the “Bass” industry is estimated at nearly $ 100 billion. A year, spent about 20 thousand. Official competition. The BASS includes representatives of 56 States; only in the United States there are more than 570 thousand. members of society, including a steep 21 “pro”, ie. e. those who earned on the participation in the competition of more than $ 1 million.! And again swirling serious money, and environmental issues are resolved, like clockwork: improving the quality of water, near water stop deforestation, zaryblyayutsya ponds, sometimes artificially create entire ecosystems for prosperity Okuneva population.

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