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Name: Barbara Brylska
Date of birth: 5 June 1941
Place of birth: Skotniki, Poland
Height: 168
Activities: theater and film actress
Marital status: divorced
Barbara Brylska biography
Barbara Brylska – Polish theater and film actress. However, he is known primarily for her role as Nadia Sheveleva in the Christmas Comedy Eldar Ryazanov “Irony of fate or With light steam!”.
Barbara was born in the village of Skotniki, near łódź. Now this territory belongs to Poland, but at the time of occurrence Brylska to light the village was occupied by Germany. Parents of Barbara, that the house was called BASA were working people – the mother worked as a seamstress and my father was a mechanic. They raised the only daughter in the provincial severity, why Brylska grew shy and very quiet girl.
However, when she showed good ability in drawing, the parents did everything in their power to provide it training in the art Lyceum. The Director of the institution once saw Barbara at a concert of Amateur groups and recommend a friend Director to pay attention to the talented student. So in 15 years, Brylska first came to the screens.
After that she has become heavily involved in the drama circle, and after secondary education he enrolled in the Warsaw higher school of theater, film and television. It had an interesting and varied career. But on the stage Barbara Brylska was already in adulthood. At the beginning of the 21st century she was invited Director Roman Markholia to play in Moscow performance “the Quartet” in the Center of Opera singing of Galina Vishnevskaya.
As mentioned above, the debut in the movie took place during adolescence in an episode of a Polish Comedy “Galoshes of happiness”. Much later, the actress played in the drama “Jokmok”, the Comedy “Their weekday”, the melodrama “boomerang”, which became the major work of Barbara Brylska at the initial stage of the career.
In 1966, it has attracted increased attention and played the Phoenician priestess Kama, a concubine of Ramses in the historical film “Faraon”. Participated actress and incredibly popular Polish TV series “Bet larger than life”, which was shown in many countries around the world.
Then Barbara accepts the offer to participate in foreign film – German-Soviet Western “the Falcon’s Trail”, and then in her filmography, one after another foreign production. The Yugoslav drama “White wolves”, the German detective “the Secret of the wooden idols”, the Bulgarian film “Die — in extreme cases”, a Soviet film about world war II “Liberation”.
Do not ignore Brylska and in his native country. Polish filmmakers prepare for her starring roles in a detective “the Criminal who stole a crime,” war drama, “Polish album” spy picture “Pygmalion XII”, romantic melodrama “the Anatomy of love” and many other films. In the USSR the audience knew the actress for her role as Marie Urbach in the historical film “Cities and years”, where she starred with Igor Starygina.
But the main success of Barbara in the eyes of Russian-speaking audiences came in 1976, when the first day of the New year was shown a two-part Comedy “Irony of fate or With light steam!”. Director Eldar Ryazanov tried on the role of the teacher Nadia, who does not know how to prepare jellied fish, many local Actresses, but they lacked the mystery and languor Brylska. Together with Andrey Myagkov and Yuri Yakovlev, she created a magnificent trio, which today looks. Curiously, the “Irony” in Poland was broadcast only once, and did not cause any excitement.
The actress continued to star at home and abroad. It should be noted the military drama “a Hundred horses to a hundred shores” romance “novel Therese Hennert”, a crime film “the Quiet American in Prague”. It can also be seen in the Ukrainian film “Strange Christmas” and the Russian films “AU! Train robbery”, “Down house”, “Casus Belli”, “Irony of fate. Continued” and “Admiral”. In Russia came out and the last date a film by the famous Polish actress – musical fairy tale “the Mystery of the four princesses”, where she played one of the fairies.
Personal life
Barbara Brylska has been married three times, but each of those unions ended in divorce. The first husband of actress was the Polish mathematician Jan Borovets. They met on the train, at that time Barbara was barely 17 years old. Immediately after the wedding Ian demanded that his wife quit drama lessons, which she did. However, a year later, she secretly went back to school. The husband accepted, but demanded that she in the credits of the film appeared just under her maiden name. Once Barbara came to fame, Yana became known not only as the pan Brylski.
In the movie about Egypt “Pharaoh”, the actress there is a novel with a partner on the film Jerzy Zelnik. She divorced her husband and quickly married again. But this marriage was very short: urchins windy found another lover. On the set of the Yugoslav Western “White wolves” Brylska falls in love with Yugoslav actor Slobodan Dmitrievich. Even much later she will call those feelings the strongest with his love. But despite the offer, Slobodan could not marry his beloved because of the protests of his aristocratic family.
The gap has led to the deepest depression, from which it was able to bring Ludwig Kosmal, a gynecologist, became the third husband of Barbara and father of her two children. In 1973, the actress gave birth to a daughter and 9 years son. For some reason the wife gave the children their names – Barbara and Ludwig. The couple lived for 18 years, but, tired of the betrayals and the constant domestic scandals, Brylska agrees to the divorce, which Komal insisted more than 10 last years.
The actress strikes a series of romantic dalliances, although it is understood the futility of such a relationship. Meanwhile, the grown daughter, who became a popular model. But when the girl was only 20 years old, she was tragically killed in a car accident. It broke Barbara Brylska. As she confesses later, she had serious thoughts of suicide, from which she was saved only by the need to care for teenage son.

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