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Bangkok – means “Palace of the Gods, Gods Built in paradise.” Full name of the city – Krungtep Maha Nakorn Rattanakosin Mahanindra Ayutthaya Mahadilok Pop Noprarat Ratchathani Buriram Udomratnivet Mahasatan Amonpiman Avatansatit Sapkakatiya Visanukkampasit.
Thais still call their city “Krung Thep” ( “City of Angels”), Europeans continue to call Bangkok. Zaneceno name in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest city name.
Bangkok is located on the east bank of the River Chaophraya and is divided into two parts, running north-south railway line. Old Bangkok is located between the river and the railway, and it is here most of the old temples and historical places of the capital.
New Bangkok is located to the east of the railway, covering an area several times greater than the size of the old town. Here are the main commercial and tourist areas.
More than two centuries in the “City of Angels” is the residence of Thai kings.
For tourists here built a huge number of comfortable hotels, so anyone will be able to choose a vacation at the hotel to taste and pocket.
Short story
Bangkok – rather ancient settlement when the first Thais went to the shores of the Gulf of Thailand, Bangkok already existed. For a long time it was an ordinary village near the larger town of Thonburi.
In the XVIII century, after the Burmese burned the capital of Siam – Ayutthaya – the ground, General Taksin moved the capital in Thonburi, on the 30km to the south of that. When the king was Rama I, a settlement existed on the east side of the city was destroyed, and the royal palace was built in its place. Most eastern Thonburi population were Chinese, all of their community was moved three kilometers downstream, in Sampeng area (Sampheng).
After becoming the capital in 1782, Bangkok has become a major city. It was in Bangkok went overland trade route from the central part of Thailand and maritime trade routes linking the country with the rest of the world. Now it is one of the most exotic city in Asia.
The climate is tropical in Bangkok. The average annual temperature is + 28 ± 30 °. On average humidity – 76%. Bangkok – 3 seasons: hot (March – May), rainy (June – October) and cool (November – February)
When to go
Bangkok takes tourists all year round, but the maximum number of tourists there during our winter season.
Bangkok Attractions
Royal Palace
Royal Palace – Landmark No. 1 in Bangkok. Its worth a visit even if you travel in Bangkok. ‘s Palace complex consists of several buildings, some of which are now occupied by government offices. The king and his family for a long time already do not live here. Buildings open to the public, located in the southern part of the palace complex.
Crocodile farm
This farm with more than 30,000 freshwater and marine crocodiles is considered the largest in the world. It is located 30 kilometers southeast of Bangkok in Samut Prakarn. In addition to the actual crocodiles, here it is the zoo with trained elephants, gibbons, lions and snakes, as well as the Dinosaur Museum.
Floating Market.
If you have not read, then remember that the Bangkok – Venice second, and part of the people in the city live in the channels and moves on boats or boats. So, the market is on the water – a traditional market, which is now mainly sell cheap souvenirs. Souvenirs – from sham antiques and antiquities, and before any armor. At least everyone will carry out something for himself (otherwise traders will not release 🙂
Lumphini Park – the largest park located in the business and commercial center of the city, at the intersection of Rama IV Rd. and Wireless Rd. Near the park there are the stadium where matches are held in Thai boxing; racecourse; many embassies and expensive hotels.
Chatuchak Park is located in the northern part of Bangkok near the eponymous market. On weekends, when the market works, the park people haggle replenishes tired men. The park itself is situated in a picturesque part of the city, but far enough from the city center.
Safari World – a huge park (170 acres) at Bangkok with your nursery gibbons and parrots, dolphinarium and sea lions – all this belongs to the Marine Park; but the main thing – it is actually Safari Park, which contains a variety of animals (giraffes, zebras, there are also predators). In brief, the Safari Park is about that: ride in a covered wagon, you run over the little animals you feed them, the beasts fall off.
Dream World
Dream World – a fairy tale in Bangkok. Much here is taken from the style of Disneyland. By itself, the park is huge, it is the largest in Thailand. If you come to Bangkok with the kids, be sure to visit the park for you.
It’s worth it – the 7 wonders of the world in miniature: the Colosseum, Wall, Egyptian Pyramids, children playground with racing toy cars, driving on Indian boats, roundabouts, show featuring favorite cartoon characters, Fantasy Land, which revives the tale in dwellings the Dwarves, the castle of Sleeping Belle, the carriage Cinderella – all live, Adventour land – the land of adventure, with high-speed trains through space galaxy, real roller coaster, “Viking Boat” water attraction Super Splash, hunting for ghosts, snow town, where you can walk in the mountains, covered with snow , meet Santa – Claus, penguins, polar bears.
Museum of Science
One of the most famous museums of science and technology in Asia. In six exhibition halls of different areas of science, including traditional Thai handicrafts.
There are toll express highway, but they can stand up nicely. But tourist time is precious, spend it on a bus seat is not desirable.
Then we have to go underground – in Bangkok, there are quite a young subway. Only one branch length of eighteen stations, but it is very clean, free from homeless persons and low-cost. Drive three stops, for example – only 18 baht. There are elevated train – «Sky Train». Two branches – long light green and dark green short – laid over the main roads.
Here too clean – street vendors, wearing a yoke on large plates with a cheap fare, is not allowed here. It should be a little more expensive – for 20 baht for three stops. What is good “heavenly road” – with its open platform can make great pictures – Victory Monument, for example, or Chatuchak Park. You can easily and quickly drive around half the city, having paid only 10 baht for one stop, which then need to return to – magnetic ticket “eaten” the turnstile at the exit.
Another highly aesthetic way of movement – water. On the Chao Phraya ply several routes of excursion vessels, including there is a free “shuttle” carrying from the hotel to the hotel with stops in the right tourist locations. He walks every half hour, and completed flights at midnight. At the same time closed and “underground” with “sky train”.
That’s just at night when more room, you can ride a three-wheeled “tuk-tuk” – funny Thai taxi-van with a trailer. The price should agree in advance, in order to bring it down. Standard four-wheel taxi will be cheaper. But Bangkok daily commuter buses due to the previously mentioned traffic jams – very fun for everybody.
Getting there
Bangkok Airport consists of three terminals. International flights arrive at the terminals of BPC-1 and 2, and local – in the CCL-3. Transfer from the airport to the city center (30 km) by taxi – 180 THB, bus Airport Bus – 100 THB, by train – 5 THB (approximately 45 minutes)

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