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Banana (Latin musa.) – A perennial herb of the family banana. Motherland – tropical areas of Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia, is now cultivated in many countries with tropical climates. Botanically the plant is an herb whose fruits are called bananas, which are actively used in food. Banana – a valuable food and fodder crop, is actively exported, according to which the number second only to rice and wheat.
The composition and properties useful
The use of bananas determined by their nutritional properties and the presence of many useful elements in its composition, the main of which the carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Banana – kaliesoderzhaschy product that is needed by the body for improving the work of the heart muscle, according to his number is comparable with dried apricots. Only two of the fruit eaten per day, able to satisfy potassium and maintain optimal water balance in the body.
Thanks to the valuable amino acids – tryptophan fruit is a natural antidepressant that can lift your mood and increase the production of the hormone of happiness – serotonin. Regular consumption of bananas is able to protect against depression caused by overwork and stress. Helps with insomnia, normalizes blood pressure and establishing activity of the gastrointestinal tract.
Bananas contain significant amounts of vitamin C – an antioxidant and the main fighter with aging, which protects the body from the damaging effects of free radicals. Because vitamin C is fruit immunomodeliruyuschim product that strengthens and increases resistance to infections. The pulp of banana contains vitamin B, which has a positive effect on skin and hair. In addition, fruits are rich in carotene, prevents the development of thrombosis, and indispensable to the body with vitamin E.
Despite the presence of sugars in the composition of bananas, namely, fructose, they do not harm diabetics. On the contrary, it uses in that they can gently reduce edema caused by diabetes, and to improve the quality of the blood. Bananas – a source of quick energy, one fruit will instantly recover after heavy physical exertion. But people suffering from obesity, it is better to use them with caution. It’s not even in the high-calorie bananas (89 kcal), but rather in a higher content of starch.
The use of bananas
Thanks yarkovyrazhenny pleasant aroma, bananas are widely used in the cosmetics and perfume industry for flavoring, cosmetics, household chemicals, soap and so on. Fresh fruits do facials.
Bananas consume usually fresh. However, they do a great jam, jams and nectars. In Asia, making alcoholic drinks: wine, liqueurs and vodka. Favorite food of many African peoples – fried banana, tastes like baked potatoes. It is very popular in dried form, as chips and candied fruit, used for decoration of confectionery products.

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