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Early rainy morning a group of Russian tourists traveling in Ngorongoro National Park – one of the natural treasures of Tanzania. Country Roads on which group is selected from the deaf Lake Eyasi neighborhoods washed away so that they looked like the red clay of the river. Continue on this road would only local tank – an old, but very passable Land Rover – the pride of its owner, a handsome young black man named Disi. Clay was flying from the wheels, splashing and flowing down the roof, hood and glasses. We had to close the hinged roof. The cabin was stuffy.
Our Torment ended when the jeep drove, finally, on the paved road. Such roads and in Moscow in the afternoon with fire will not find, what was our surprise when we found a road in a remote African province! In a village on the edge of the road at one of the local housewives bought hot chapatis oiled, wrapped in paper, and the life was adjusted automatically. Before the entrance of Ngorongoro rode comfortably. I must say that the sudden appearance of such a beautiful road here is due solely to the fact that the road led to the main entrance to this famous National Park.
Log in Ngorongoro from the road, we caught sight of from afar. The huge stone arch with gates and outbuildings – a remake, as well as leading to the arch highway. From all sides of the entrance to the National Park is surrounded by dense tropical rainforest trees, entwined with epiphytes. It was here that we had a chance to see the largest concentration of white for all our stay in Africa, not counting, of course, airports. Europeans travel to Tanzania the beaten route – Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar. I chewed cake chapati and attentively listened to the lively conversation between two elderly Germans when my morning calm was interrupted by a shout:

– Caution! Baboon!
I turned in time to see how fast jumps, using all four feet from me skedaddle pretty nasty monkey species. Wool it – stuck together after the rain, dirty-yellow color, head like a dog, rather impressive fangs sticking out stretched mouth. The tail pipe, and under the tail – my mother dear! – Huge callused red bald spot about the size of two palms. Monkey startled cry of our beautiful black driver, the beast is clearly aiming for my funky fresh chapatis. I can say lucky.
Baboons in Ngorongoro, and other national parks of Tanzania, away from civilization not depart. Compassionate tourists, despite the strict ban and the threat of a large fine, feed the monkeys. Those accustomed to, and fairly large flocks – a few tens of individuals – live right next to the entrance to the popular park.
Baboons also called yellow baboons, they belong to the genus of these baboons Old World monkey family. The size of an adult baboon – about 75 centimeters from nose to tail, the length of the tail – about 60 centimeters. Title – yellow baboon – baboons received for an unusual coat color, gray with a yellow tint. Another name – dog-monkey – baboon received for the elongated shape of the skull.
These distinctive, expressive and ubiquitous animals are used to living in society. The development of relations in the pack led to the fact that baboons and humans are not afraid, the people quickly become accustomed. Tourists at the entrance to Ngorongoro for these wandering beggars – walking trough. Who will throw the banana who tortilla treat. Do not treat – and you can pull off. And the finger baboon bite can be quite noticeable.
Shaking tourist jeeps monkeys are not afraid, but are well aware: it is necessary to step aside. PARTIES reluctantly, angrily looking around and depart with demonstrative slowness.
Among the numerous flocks notice a lot of little ones: most of them grabbed Mommy’s hair on the abdomen and stuck like a limpet. Pretty ugly but funny creatures. And with such a burden adult female is able to deftly climb trees and, if anything, suddenly fly up to the highest branch. Older kids running around between adults and monkeys play in the process of getting to know the world of fun and learning all the necessary skills to monkeys. Survive all, only two-thirds of the young – the strongest brave and agile young. One very touching feature the baboons – in the case of death of the baby, the female for several days is lifeless body in his arms, unable to part with their child. Veteran adult survival easier, the average years of life yellow baboon – 35-40 years.
Baboons eat almost everything that the digestive tract is similar to the human baboon. Herbs, roots, fruits and berries, mice and lizards, bird eggs, snails and insects – baboons can adapt to any environment and any stern.
Baboons do not starve. Their main concern – not by becoming someone’s dinner. All is not averse to eat monkey: leopards, cheetahs, jackals, hyenas, eagles, lions, even if the case does not disdain. pack provides security alert and watch a special “babunskaya” defense tactics. When the pack is waiting for the danger, baboons scatter in different directions, so that the hunter arose the problem of choice. During those two seconds until the “danger” will decide which of the runaway monkeys add to the potential dinner Baboon was gone!
Pawn survival pack – strict discipline and cohesion. security guarantors in the pack is the main baboon – a hefty, strong alpha male. That he is the tidbit, absolutely all females (like a harem), it was he who rules his “state”. The male maintains a strict hierarchy of the pack, in heat one, he has the right to impregnate all the females of the pack, but those who encroach on food, while the alpha male is hungry, he publicly, that is, “priobezyanno” punishes.
The only idyllic moment in the life of baboons – mutual grooming. This process is akin to a human kiss – the apogee of tenderness and reverent adoration. Monkey long time sitting on their powerful ischial callosities and selected from wool each other’s dust and insects.
African farmers to feed the baboons real hatred. Monkeys are often satisfied these forays into crop fields. And cleverness squirt not hold: in case of emergency special exhibition watchman warns flock special sound. If the danger belongs to the male sex, and a gunshot iron stick in his hand, baboons scatter in all directions. If the danger – woman, thieves not only did not try to escape, but calmly continue the meal, can also attack.
baboons are not afraid of dogs – to tear to shreds the rather limited inflexible toothy baboon creature – a piece of cake. Monkey superior dog in two positions: Monkey trapping, monkey smarter.
Baboon can easily climb into the open tent, a jeep or a house to steal food. Wits, speed, agility, sharp teeth and numerous flocks – a pledge of comfortable existence. Feature baboons – adapted to almost any lifestyle. In captivity, for example, baboons quickly tamed and remain loyal to his master.
For intelligence, dexterity and habits similar to those of men, many peoples worshiped baboons pictured the gods in the form of dog-headed monkeys. For example, in Egypt, a baboon was regarded as a harbinger of dawn and depicted with arms raised, which symbolizes wisdom, salute the rising sun.
Well, about the wisdom not know, wisdom involves the ability to analyze their actions and draw conclusions from them. But the moral qualities of character and some baboons feelings certainly are present, along with a high IQ.

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