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AYE-AYE (Daubentonia madagascariensis)
For the first time this animal was discovered in 1780 by researcher Pierre Sonnerom on the west coast of. Madagascar. Lives rukonozhka solely on this island, bamboo and branches of large trees.
When the body length of 34-40 centimeters, Aye-aye weighs as much as a small cat – about 3 kilograms. The length of its fluffy tail is 60 centimeters. Color Madagascar rukonozhki varies from dark brown to black in color. The eyes are large, which makes the image rukonozhke “eternally surprised animal.”
Aye-aye feed on the fruits of the mango tree, coconut palms, bamboo core or sugar cane, as well as insects (wood beetles and their larvae). Recently, they caught with the help of his long middle finger on the front legs. Aye-aye apply it everywhere. He can become a “spoon for dinner”, a comb for fur or device for drinking water (it dips a finger into the water and then rinse it licks).
Very interesting to see how the animal finds bugs in the bark of trees.
It has been shown that the larvae and beetles detect these unusual animals using sound waves that appear when rapping the wood.
Here are some vibration and capture the individuals using their unique finger, and then go to the cause of teeth. The animal gnaws a hole in the tree and picks up a long finger grub or beetle.
The same system works by eating fruits and nuts, they pick out only a finger is already flesh. Teeth aye-aye unusual, especially incisors. They are very large and curved. It is located at a considerable distance from the root of the teeth. Therefore, it seems that this animal only 2 teeth.
Rukonozhki multiply very slowly. The female brings posterity only once every 2-3 years. Pregnancy lasts for a very long time for such a small animal – a little more than six months (more precisely 170 days). For baby female equips a special “children’s room” in the crevices or hollow trees.
Cubs are fed their mother’s milk up to 7 months. And then we have to go self-catering. But her mother continued to hold up to 1-2 years. Rukonozhki – typical nocturnal animals. They did not love and fear the light of day. At sunrise, they climb into the hollow or nest, built high above the ground at the site of bifurcation of the branches, and put to bed. Like the lemurs, they sleep curled up into a ball, put the muzzle between his legs and head dress tail.

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