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Avril Lavigne (Avril Lavigne) was born September 27, 1984 in Ontario, Canada, in the city of Belleville. Her father worked for the telephone company, and his mother was a housewife. In the family, there is also an older brother and a younger sister. Avril was not yet six years old when the whole family moved to the quiet town of Napanee, where she spent her childhood and adolescence.
The future singer did not please his parents’ learning and behavior, but they kept her passion for music. She bought the necessary tools, microphone and built in the basement of the study room. At the same time, Lavigne began composing his first songs and perform on urban fairs, where she performed a composition in country style.

Rise musical career and filmography
In 1994, Avril won a radio competition, and after meeting with Steven Madden sang songs in the folk style of his repertoire. In late 1999, she had a chance to talk with music producer Cliff Fabri, which featured recordings of her songs several successful producers.
The following year, Lavigne met with Peter Zitstso and wrote a song «Why». That same autumn passed her audition Zitstso studio, which also was well-known producer Antonio Reid. The founder of LaFace Records label immediately offered aspiring singer cooperation and good fee.
She agreed without hesitation, and dropped out of school, took up the release of the first album Let Go, which was ready in summer 2002. He not only became bought up music lovers, but also took a leading position in the chart Billboard 200. Two years later, Avril issued a second album, Under My Skin, and in 2007 the last package The Best Damn Thing, which were also successful. Her famous songs Complicated, Sk8er Boi, I’m With You, My Happy Ending and Girlfriend did not descend from the high position in the world charts.

Unprecedented success in the works
In early 2011, Lavigne won enormous popularity, and its records have become one of the most popular in America. But it was at the time, some musical groups and singers Canadian accused of plagiarism, claiming that it copied their chorus line and some songs. But Avril’s manager, said that this is just a coincidence, since many musicians there are similar lines in the compositions. The date of release of the next album Star postponed several times because she did not like some of the songwriting. At the end of the summer of 2010, Lavigne come to grips with the album, although in those days it strongly sore throat, but, despite this, the singer made a huge number of entries, which, she said, would be enough for several albums. After March 2011, she released her fourth album, Goodbye Lullaby, the singer said that she is already working on the next. Her fifth studio album, which the singer called his own name – Avril Lavigne, many fans were able to purchase only in the autumn of last year.
During his career, the star has been nominated for numerous awards, and she has earned eight nominations for “Grammy” award. The singer has participated twice in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games: the first time in Turin in 2006, and the second time in Vancouver in 2010. Avril has also created various films over sixty songs, some of them later became soundtracks, such as a song by Alice, written for the film “Alice in Wonderland.” Lavigne first visited Russia in 2007, gave a concert in Moscow and St. Petersburg, becoming at the same time winner of MTV Russia Music Awards prize. In autumn 2011, the singer came back to Moscow, where she sang numerous Russian fans their favorite hits, as well as worked as a DJ in “Gypsy” bar.
But sometimes the 30-year-old celebrity has to fight for the title of the most popular singer in Canada, while applying even physical strength. In the spring of this year, Miley Cyrus (Miley Cyrus) has published in his Instagram video, in which she and Avril find out who is the most famous star in Canada. Girls do not come to an agreement and throw themselves at each other with their fists. But, as it turned out, it was just an April Fool’s joke, and they just decided to amuse her fans.

Roles in movies
Lavigne creative activity was multifaceted: in addition to the music she was interested in film roles. His acting talent star revealed at a time when she starred in the video clips. For the first time the singer has appeared on screen in 2002 in the TV series “Sabrina – Teenage Witch”, where it is as a guest celebrities performed the song Sk8er Boi. Two years later, the singer took part in the film “Going the Distance,” starring in a small role.
Then, in 2006, followed by a more substantial role in the film “Fast Food Nation”, where the singer played a student who is trying to save the cows. In addition, in the same year it was released animated film “Over the Hedge,” where her voice was talking possum Heather. These two successful tape shown at the opening of the 59th Cannes Film Festival, where Avril was the guest of honor. In an interview, the star said that she is interested acting career, but prefer to start small. In 2006, the ranking of publications Canadian Business singer took the seventh place among Canadian celebrities in Hollywood.

Life Avril Lavigne
At the age of 17 years Lavigne met with member of the band Sum 41 Deryck Whibley (Deryck Whibley). First, young people are just talking, and then they started dating. In summer 2005, the musician gave his beloved a romantic trip to Venice, where he offered her hand and heart. In 2006, the California couple played a magnificent wedding, which was attended by more than a hundred guests. But the marriage was short-lived, and three years later the couple split up, maintaining a friendly relationship between. After her divorce from ex-husband of Avril almost did not appear at social events, but it has been a frequent visitor to nightclubs.
After some time, the singer began to notice in the company of a male model and reality show participant Brody Jenner, who is the half brother of Kim Kardashian. The couple not only spent all their free time together, but also demonstrated to the public his passionate love. But in early 2012, there were rumors that in his personal life lovers have problems. According to a source close to the couple, Lavigne wanted to marry again and have children, but Brodie did not share the views of his mistress, plans which have not yet been married. But the singer and her boyfriend denied the speculation on Twitter, saying that it was a lie, and they did not leave. To prove this, the pair has made a similar tattoos, but in the spring of 2012 received information that the lovers eventually parted ways. Almost half star will not start a serious relationship with men, preferring to rest in the company of close friends. While the paparazzi managed to capture the singer with one of the girls in the Mexican beach where they sunbathed and walked along the shore.
At the end of August 2012 Avril began dating Chad Krueger (Chad Kroeger), leader of the rock band Nickelback, whom she met while working on joint songs for her new album. Despite the significant difference in age, the artists find common interests and fall in love. At that time, many friends of the star mentioned that she just glowed with happiness, enjoying fellowship with loved ones.
Then there was the betrothal, and in summer 2013 in southern France, in love played the wedding that the bride organized in the Gothic style: dark hall was decorated with candles and Lavigne appeared in front of guests in black wedding dress. But the marriage did not seem to bring happiness singer: many noted that in August 2014 she went to the public without a wedding ring, and remove all the posts on Twitter, dedicated to Chad. Also, a close friend of Avril told reporters that Kruger never liked all of her friends, who pointed out that the husband of celebrity always behaved arrogantly towards her.
Journalists reported that the couple decided to divorce, in addition, they noted that the musician informs everyone that their marriage fell apart in September of this year. Latest news on personal life 29-year-old singer is not happy: she stopped giving concerts and attending social events. And recently it became known that the singer canceled a tour because of the fact that it was put in the hospital. Many fans were worried about the health of your pet, and some have decided that Lavigne is pregnant. But her representative categorically denied these speculations, and the star itself has admitted in his blog that it is now a small health problems.

Business and charity
Avril, like many celebrities, participates in many charities. So, in 2005, a star appeared in ALDO ads to spread to money collected among the people important information about AIDS. In addition, together with the non-profit foundation members of the singer actively struggling with pollution of nature on the planet. In 2010, Lavigne has helped people affected by the earthquake in Haiti, and in the same year artist has created his foundation The Avril Lavigne Foundation, to raise funds for seriously ill children.
In 2008, Avril Lavigne (Avril Lavigne), do not leave the guitar with 12 years, it has developed an improved model of the instrument and arranged the production line together with the Fender brand. Also, in the same year with the help of the American company Kohl’s she created her own brand of clothing for teenagers Abbey Dawn, using their favorite images in the form of skulls and star patterns. According to the singer, she released such clothes that she would wear. In this collection you can find a free T-shirt, pleated mini-skirts, dresses, leggings, skinny jeans, skirts, tutus, fingerless gloves, the creation of which the newly-born designer used her favorite colors- black and pink, as well as cell stripes and leopard prints. Products of the brand celebrity presented in 2009 at the New York Fashion Week. In 2010, Lavigne added to his collection of clothes with the theme of the movie “Alice in Wonderland,” which she developed in close collaboration with the Disney company.
In 2009, Avril has created his first perfume «Black Star», which is engaged in the production of cosmetics brand Procter & Gamble Prestige Products. On his perfume with prevailing hints of plum, chocolate and hibiscus, the singer said on his page. These spirits are not only loved by fans of the star, but also were awarded “Best flavor.” Two years later there was a second perfume zvezdy- «Forbidden Rose», which includes notes of peach, red apple, black pepper.

Style and hobbies
In his early years in clothes prevailed Lavigne teenage style, and she loved to wear boyish things: baggy pants, T-shirts with straps and ties. Also, she wore skater shoes, bracelets and fingers to wind the laces. In those years, the singer was often called the “anti-Britney” because of its independence and distinctive image. Then the singer fell in love with the Gothic style and began to wear black dresses, leather jackets, T-shirts with skulls and star pattern. This is reflected in its luxurious hair, which she always loved to experiment. Once Avril arrived on a secular party in Paris with an unusual hairstyle: the entire left side of the head was shaved, and the remaining hair is combed to the right side. At the same time another star painted a few strands of black.
A little later changes in the style of Lavigne: she began to look more feminine, changing the hairstyle and choosing the dress with heels and tight jeans. According to the star said she had grown up and now she has a completely different taste, in addition, it keeps track of your diet, yoga, surfing, football, roller-skating. The singer said that in a European tour she stopped eating meat, then noted positive changes in health. During his career, the star appeared on the cover of many fashion magazines, such as the Canadian edition of Elle, Maxim, Blender, Italian magazine Vanity Fair and others. Last year, Avril appeared on the pages of glossy Bello, where she tried on a coat elegant, romantic dresses with fluffy skirts, in which it looks like a real lady.

Canada’s doing tattoos for different reasons, but mostly, they do not carry a special meaning. In honor of the former spouse Lavigne Deryck Whibley have remained tattooed as a small heart and the letter D on the right wrist. When a celebrity met with former boyfriend Brody Jenner, she did with it the same tattoo on the body, writing the word fuck. Also it has tattooed made in 2012 during a trip to France in the form of the inscription “Pretty In Pink”. In honor of its 30-year-old birthday star clave pattern of lightning and the number of thirty.
In September of this year, US hackers penetrated into many phones of celebrities, published the pictures on which many of them filmed in the nude. From phone scams suffered Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst and others. But Avril can not be afraid for his reputation as disclosed in the photo, it captures not naked.

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